10 Signs You And Your Guy Is Like An Old Married Couple!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you entered into the relationship, you and your boyfriend were on you best of behavior. You used to go on dates, walk around holding hands, sex was awesome and the relationship was fantastic. But now, it has all turned into a routine and you have settled down. Things have turned predictable and somewhat boring but you are still together. When you are with someone for long enough time, things become normal and routine like and that is when you start feeling like an old married couple. Here are 10 signs you and your guy is like an old married couple.

  1. You prefer staying in on the weekends

Your friends might be bar hopping, but you and your man will be sitting and thinking about what to order; either Thai or Indian food or what?


  1. You go to bed before midnight

Earlier you used to enter your house after 12 and now you guys are asleep by 12.

  1. You do not cuddle till sleep

You have sex, a little bit of cuddling afterward and when it is the time to sleep, you both need to be away.

  1. You let yourselves go

Earlier you both were worried about how you and your body looks, but now things have grown out of your control. Your man has layers of fat on his stomach and so do you. You are no more what you both used to be.


  1. No fuss about shaving

You are no more into grooming. You do not care about shaving your legs or you might be having the full bush down there. Your man is no concerned about trimming his beard.

  1. Sex has become boring

With the growing weight and hair on your skin, the act of sex lost its charm. You do enjoy sex, but there is no more the urge to rip off each other’s clothes. There is no more of scented candles, lacy lingerie. Now, nothing is worth stress.

  1. Conversations turn into arguments

And majorly this is because of finance!


  1. You talk bad about each other’s parents

You both have resentment about each other’s parents and now you both are way too expressive about it.

  1. Anniversaries are not celebrated

You have been together for so long that celebrating anniversary seems like a chore now. You are now lazy to buy him gifts or surprise him in any manner and same is with him.

  1. You will not trade being like old married couple

Anyone can get dressed up and go to fancy dinners, but it takes real love to pluck eyebrow hairs and NOT celebrate anniversaries. You don’t need to impress each other. Your relationship may be monotonous and routine at times, but you wouldn’t ever want anything else.


Source – GiphyTumblr

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