15 Very Obvious Flirting Signs Between A Girl And Guy!

By- Shreya Sharma

Flirting is fun, relaxing and comes naturally. You might be worried that you do not have the skills to flirt with people, but when you meet someone you kind of like, you just start to behave differently and you naturally start flirting with them. You might notice some change in your behavior, your actions, you might catch yourself smiling for no reason and some other obvious reasons. And you may notice the same involuntary actions from his side too. Here are 15 obvious flirting signs between a girl and a guy.

  1. More of touching

Touching each other in the middle of conversations for unnecessary reasons is a sign of flirting. If you or your friend is trying to touch you now and then, it is a sign of flirting.


  1. Getting close

If your friend tries to come really close to you to whisper something or reaches towards your hand often, this shows he wants to get close to you.

  1. Show their best side

When someone is interested in you, they usually show their best side to you in order to impress you. a guy may show off his manliness in front of you while you may simply highlight your features and assets to impress the other person.

  1. The sparkle in eyes

If his eyes widen while having the conversation with you, it is a big sign of flirting. If he likes you, his eyes will be wide open and expressive throughout the conversation.


  1. Avoiding distractions

If you notice that the guy you are having the conversation with, disconnecting the call as quick as possible or if a friend bumps into him, he quickly ends the conversation, then it is because he wants to spend most of his time with you and not with someone else.

  1. You have noticed him checking you out

If you notice his eyes wandering over your body or if he is looking at you up and down, it shows he is sexually attracted towards you and he is being flirted without offending you.

  1. More of smiles

If you notice yourself or your friend smiling for no reason during the conversation, it is a sign that you two are feeling flirty.


  1. He finds common grounds

If he talks about your weekend plans and hobbies or the movies you like, it is because he wants to find out the common ground, if you have any similar hobby or habit. It is a flirting sign.

  1. He gets annoyed

When someone tries to flirt with you, they hate it when a third person tries to cut in your conversation and tries to get your attention. They can even turn rude.

  1. He compliments you

When someone tries to flirt with you, they will compliment you a lot and express their feelings in an exaggerated manner.


  1. He acts dominant and you act coy

If a guy is trying to flirt with you, he will emphasize his sexual traits. He will behave more protective and manly while you may act in a sweet and coy manner. If the guy turns affectionate and protective around you, this is a good sign of flirting.

  1. He is focused on you

When a person is trying to flirt with you, he will be attentive to you and your needs; he will focus on you even when there are other people around. This is a sign of flirting.

  1. He blushes a lot

Blushing is an involuntary action while flirting. If this man goes pink when you compliment him, you have a great impression on him.


  1. He is excited to be with you

Excitement is the biggest sign of flirting. If your friend tries to prolong the conversation or doesn’t want the conversation to end with you, it’s a definite flirting sign.

  1. He tells he is single

If he is interested in flirting, he will try his best to let you know that he is single. They will make it clear that they are looking for someone to date.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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