9 Signs You Aren’t Cut-Out To Have A Long-Term Relationship

It’s been long since you are in a relationship but it is important in your relationship that you understand and support one another. We all want our relationship to go on the longest term. Here are 9 signs that show you are not meant to have a long-term relationship.

  1. Trust issues

When you have a constant doubt on your partner and his actions and there is lack of trust on either’s part, your boat is not going to sail for a long time.

  1. When everything takes you to fight

When even a single “why” of yours can make you two fight or have a showdown. Your every action becomes a reason for fight.

  1. No personal space

When you have grown so possessive that there is no personal space. None of you likes the idea of other one having a party without you. You keep on questioning one another.

  1. No deep and meaningful conversation

When you talk about everything including food, some neighbor, some random friend or anything except for having deep and meaningful conversation, revealing your emotional side.

  1. When you avoid talking about future

If you or your partner are not comfortable talking about your future together or are not interested in having marriage talks, it is not meant to be meaningful.

  1. No appreciation

If your partner does not appreciate you for both inner and outer beauty, he is not the one to have a long term relationship with. If he does not find you beautiful while you are asleep with your mouth open. He will not stay with you for long.

  1. When you are not comfortable around your partner’s family

It is important to have a sound relationship with your partner’s family for a long term relationship. If you are not comfortable with them, you cannot make your relationship last long.

  1. When good times are past

Remember the times you had fun, those random outings, dates, flirting, calling one another stupid names, if you are in a state of missing them then your good times are past. And are certainly not going to come back.

  1. When you are not comfortable with one another’s habits and lifestyle

If you dislike his habits like smoking, being non-vegetarian or his going into blue mood, this relationship is certainly knit going to last long.

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