13 Things Women Say To Men- And What They *Really* Mean!

By- Shreya Sharma

Though we are expressive, yet sometimes we do not say what we actually have on our mind. To fit in the situation and stay safe, we have learned to put our point carefully. We often say what we think but guys do not really get to understand our clue. Here are 13 things women say to the man and what they really mean.

  1. “Let’s just be friends”

This is like we are okay with friendship but we do not want you to go beyond that. Stop hitting on us as it makes us feel uncomfortable and we will prefer to stay alone.


  1. “I like you, but..”

This is when we are not interested in them, but still gently try to put down their offer.

  1. “I need to go now”

This is when the guy has made us uncomfortable to the level that we do not want to stand with them any longer.

  1. “He is good”

This means that we can date this guy or at least he is a nice person to be friends with.


  1. “Isn’t he cute?”

This is an indirect way to ask if we should make a move on this guy or not. It is like asking for the approval from friends.

  1. “I do not want any relationship right now”

This is a way to say that “I am not ready to date you right now, sorry!”

  1. “I do not feel like going out tonight”

This means that we are in a mood to have a pajama party with ourselves and no, we are not stepping out.


  1. “Your girlfriend is a lucky girl”

We can say it when we like the guy we are talking with, or to remind him that he is taken and he should not try on us.

  1. “I do not want to rush into things”

We say it when either the guy is getting too clingy and physical too quickly that is making us feel uncomfortable or to make sure that this is the right guy to move ahead with or not.

  1. “I am fine”

Mostly an “I am fine” with an unhappy face means “I am not fine”. We usually say this when we do not want to talk about the thing that is bothering us, we are upset because we told you but you did not bother to listen to it.


  1. “It does not matter to me”

If we say it while being upset, then it actually matters to us and you just messed up with things.

  1. “Let’s keep it casual”

We say this when we find the guy is attractive but does not match our emotional quotient. This means you are not what I want in a boyfriend, but you are hot to have a fling with.

  1. “I have a boyfriend”

This can be because we have a boyfriend or we are gently trying to get your offer down. we are simply asking you to leave us alone.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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