11 Adorable Ways He Says I’m SORRY… After The Fight!

By- Shreya Sharma

Fights are a part of the relationship, but making up after the fight is real fun. We come up with strange and creative ideas to make things great and patch up with the love of our life. And the most fun and cute thing about the fight is the way our man puts in his efforts to make things up. Here are 11 adorable ways he says “I am sorry” after the fight.

  1. Delivering flowers to your workplace

He knows this will calm us down when people will say we have the best boyfriend.


  1. Getting down on his knees to ask for his punishment

They know that we are going to hug him and kiss him. They are smart!

  1. Sending us emojis like sad smile, broken heart, crying

He knows after a while we will respond and that will be the end of our fight.

  1. Trying to cook for us

And he might end up ordering our favorite food.


  1. By talking with us indirectly

Talking to our dog or any other thing and asking them to ask us to forgive him. Isn’t it super cute?

  1. Surprise movie dates

He will bring tickets to the movie that we were waiting to watch and this will eventually make us forgive him.

  1. Complimenting us in our old clothes

Even if we have worn that for multiple times, he will compliment us because he knows it will get us talking with him.


  1. Slipping notes

He will slip and stick handwritten notes asking us to forgive him which melts our heart.

  1. Using weird pictures

He will send weird teary and sad pictures until we agree to forgive him.

  1. By back bitching about himself

Pretending to be our best friend and telling us how a jerk and shitty person our boyfriend is. this role play works like magic.

  1. Radio jockey prank

Asking the radio jockey to call me and ask me to forgive him. It is hard to stay mad when there are so many listeners.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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