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17 Telling Signs People Will Know Who You Are Crushing On!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you are crushing over someone, your actions speak louder than your words. Your actions can tell about your feelings to others and make your feelings a national issue. If you do not want people to know who you have a crush on, then you need to be very careful about your actions. Here are 17 telling signs; people will know that who you are crushing on.

  1. Blushing when he is around

Your color of cheeks goes red and your face gets hot whenever you see your crush. It is hard to control the color of your cheeks and the guy will know that something is up in your mind.


  1. Talking about him way too much

If you constantly talk about him with your friends, your friends will get to know. And eventually, the guy too will know about your feelings.

  1. Talking bad about him to compensate

If you try to hide your feelings by talking bad about him, your friends will figure out why you are being so mean.

  1. Staring at them

You can admire your crush’s good look, but if he finds you staring at him whenever he looks your way, he will know that you have the feeling for him.


  1. Liking his every post on social media

If you like every single picture or post on his social media within a matter of the minute, he will think you are obsessed with him.

  1. Remembering every single information about him

He will be happy if you know his favorite drink, but he will think you are obsessed with him if you remember the shirt he was wearing two weeks ago.

  1. Blowing him up with compliments

You can be nice to him, but giving him multiple compliments on the same day will make him sure that you have a crush on him.


  1. Teasing him

Teasing him every now and then will make him think that you either love him or hate him.

  1. Body language

Your body language can let people know about your crush. If you are playing with your ring or sleeves or acting nervous, he will just know about your feelings.

  1. Playing too much with your hair

Playing with your hair in front of him is flirty, so if you use this move on him he will get to know.


  1. When your friends act weird

When you tell your friends about your crush, they start acting weird around him and this way the guy will eventually get to know.

  1. Trying to be with him alone

If you say no to group outings and ask him to hang out one-on-one with you, he will get to know about your feelings.

  1. Texting him every day

You should not be the only one initiating conversations, he too should text your first once in a while. If you are the only one texting, he will know that you have a crush on him.


  1. Asking him if he is single

If you ask him about his relationship status, he will wonder why you want to know and he will guess that you want to be in his life.

  1. Use of certain emoticons

Sending him heart emoticon while make him think that you like him, even when you are just trying to be friendly with him.

  1. Touching him often

Touches can be flirty, so if you touch him now and then, he will assume that you like him.

  1. Acting nervous around him

If you act nervous around him, he will know that you like him. It might even encourage him to ask you out.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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