10 Warning Signs Your Relationship Is OVER!

By- Shreya Sharma

You are in a relationship but it is not working anymore. You are confused to continue or move on. You are not sure if this is something just you feel or your man too feels the baggage. It is hard to decide between to stay or to move on, but certain signs can help you understand that your relationship is over and it is the time you move on. Here are 10 warning signs your relationship is over.

  1. Your sex life has turned boring

If your sex life has become boring and non-existent, then it is a sign that your relationship has come to an end. If your partner does not initiate anything or acts cold when you initiate things, then you should talk about it and come to a solution.


  1. Your friends and family are concerned

Your friends and family want the best for you and can see the signs that you might ignore. If they show their concern about your relationship, then listen to them.

  1. Lack of communication

Communication is important. If you cannot communicate about your feelings openly to your partner because you fear being judged, then there will be the misunderstanding that will lead you to break up.

  1. Lack of trust

Trust is important for a healthy relationship. If there is the lack of trust in your relationship and some issues that cannot be resolved, then it is better to call things off.


  1. If you have different interests

It is okay to have different interest and hobbies, but for a successful relationship, it is important to share at least one common interest to have more memories and issues to talk about as it makes your bond stronger. If you do not have any, then you are in for break up.

  1. Lack of support

We all want our man to support us through thick and thin. It is important to be each other’s constant support. If your partner does not support you or motivate you to achieve your goals, then your relationship will be over soon.

  1. Holding your past

If anyone of you is still holding on to their past, then there is no point of being in a relationship. If you cannot let go of your past, then you cannot focus on your present or think about your future. You need to put your efforts in your present relationship to let things work.


  1. Your plans do not include each other

Earlier you used to be a part of each other’s plan but now things have changed completely. This will create distance between you two and you will feel separated. And the time you start to have a life without your partner, then the breakup is around the corner.

  1. No more future plans

If earlier you had plans to get married and move in together, but your man has put them on hold for no valid reason, then probably break up is on his mind.

  1. No more quality time

Having me time and quality time is important in a relationship. It helps you de-stress. If you do not spend time together to bond, then it is a sign that breakup is next on the cards.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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