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22 Things You SHOULD Thank Your Boyfriend For!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your guy might be a decent, good man and treats you well and pampers you like the princess without expecting anything from you, but saying thank you to him for his efforts will never hurt you. Appreciating your guy’s efforts boosts his ego and motivates him to be great with you. Your man handles a lot; your gossip about random people, your outburst, your awful cooking and some other obnoxious things that you do. This all makes him worthy of at least a ‘Thank You’. Here are 22 things you should thank your boyfriend for.

  1. Dealing with hair while spooning

Even you know your long thick hair are so close to his mouth when you spoon and he is still always ready to hold you like that. He deserves appreciation.


  1. For taking pictures of us and our friends

We know how painful it is to click hundreds of pictures to get one perfect picture that is worth posting on social media. He not only takes our pictures but also keeps his calm while clicking us with our friends.

  1. Agreeing on our gossips

We should thank them when they agree that so-and-so is one annoying shit. He is awesome for taking our side.

  1. Playing with our hair

We all love when someone plays with our hair. We should thank our man for playing with our hair and reduce our stress and anxiety.


  1. Allow personal space

Thank your man for giving you your personal space and allowing you to pursue your dream and being your motivator.

  1. Crazy singing sessions

Thank your man for singing with you obnoxiously when your favorite song plays on the radio.

  1. Keeping up when you cry for no reason

Sometimes we cry and we ourselves do not know the reason for it. We should thank our man for being the stable, non-judgement and ever loving guy.


  1. Never pressurizing you

Thank your man for understanding your limits and never forcing you with things in the relationship. Thank him for allowing you to set the pace of the relationship.

  1. Paying the bills

You know you fight over the bill; because, of course, you cannot take advantage of his chivalry. Thank him for all the dates he has paid for. But also thank him for keeping his pride aside and allowing you to treat him too.

  1. Never hiding phone

Thank your man for giving you the passcode of his phone and trusting you. Thank him for being honest and not giving you any reason to worry about.


  1. Acknowledging our soft legs

In summer time, managing our legs to look smooth and perfect is one big task. Thank your man for acknowledging our efforts.

  1. Eating unhealthy food with us

Thank your man for never judging you for your food orders and even eating with you.

  1. Comforting when you are sad

Thank your man for being there, hugging you and telling you “things will be okay and he is there for you.”


  1. Doing stupid things together

Thank him for being your partner in crime and bringing crazy things into your life.

  1. Introducing with his friends

Thank him for introducing you to his friends because this is one big step for guys and being cool when they became your friend too because sharing your friends is difficult.

  1. Preparing coffee for you

Thank your man when he prepares coffee for you just the way you like it.


  1. Holding you when you hit your limits

Thank your man for holding you when you drink off limit and he takes you home.

  1. Buying you gifts

Thank him if your man buys you gifts just because he loves you, it shows that he cares for your happiness.

  1. Appreciating you

Thank your man for appreciating you and the things you do.


  1. Getting up to turn off the lights

You know how bad it feels to get out of covers to turn off the light. Thank your man for this sacrifice.

  1. Cooking for you

If your man knows how to cook delicious food, do his own laundry and helps you around the house, he deserves your thank you.

  1. Taking care when you are sick

Thank your man for taking care of you when you are sick and making you soup and buying you medicines.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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