13 Things He Wants YOU To Do In Bed (But Is Afraid To Ask For)!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your man might not have told you, but he expects a lot from you especially in bed. Men are not verbal about what they want and especially when it comes to their sexual life because they fear that you will not approve of it or this might scare you or make you angry, but you need to put in your efforts to make your man the happiest in bed. Here are 13 things he wants you to do in bed but is afraid to ask for.

  1. Use your hand

He wants you to use your hand for back scratching, shoulder rubbing, and other massaging technique while being in bed.


  1. Remind him of his hotness

Guys too want to receive compliments as it boosts their self-esteem. So next time in bed, do not forget to remind him how hot you find him.

  1. Moans and groans

Your man wants you to moan, breathe heavily, scream and call his name in the sexiest of your voice. This makes them feel that they are doing a great job.

  1. To take charge

Your guy wants you to dominate him. He wants you to initiate the act and push him back against the wall and get wild and sexy.


  1. Oral sex

A guy can never refuse your offer to give him oral sex. They can never get enough of it.

  1. Not to be judgmental

Men want to get intimate with you and ask things without being judged by you. If he loses the erection, do not take it personally or do not judge him. Understand that it is hard to maintain it when they are tired or stressed.

  1. Try new things

Man wants you to work on their fantasies, to the things they watch in porn. They want you to try new things in bed and try new locations.


  1. Make him feel manly

Man wants to feel youthful, manly, and competent with sex. Your moans and groans and compliments and climax are enough to make your man feel manlier.

  1. Nurture him

Men enjoy it when you are in control in a nurturing way. He wants you to nurture him sexually. It shows that you desire him and it feels their emotional vacuum.

  1. Love your body

He wants you to be more comfortable in your own body. Do not put yourself down or make negative comments about yourself. Tell yourself that you are hot.


  1. Tell him what you want

Tell your man what turns you on, but do not be harsh or put him down. Grab his hands and show him what you like or guide him to the place where you want to be touched. Keep it positive and fun.

  1. Trust in bed

He wants you to be completely vulnerable with him in bed. He wants you to please him without reservations.

  1. Take responsibility for your pleasure

Man wants you to masturbate so that you know what you want and you can guide them on what turns you on. Do not let him do it on his own. Guide him.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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