10 Things EVERY Woman Loves To Hear From Their Man!

By- Shreya Sharma

Most men are occupied with the thought that what women love to hear. They should know that woman can never have enough when it comes to compliments and sweet nothings. To impress us, the easiest thing a man can do is to tell us what we already know. Here are 10 things every woman loves to hear from their man.

  1. ‘You look gorgeous’

Compliments about our looks, figure, attire, professionalism, and culinary skills can work wonders for us. It boosts our confidence and self-image. It helps us enhance our personality and get rid of our inhibitions.


  1. ‘You are the first woman in my life’

This ensures us that our man is ‘one woman man’. This will put us on the pedestal and we will feel that you are loyal to us.

  1. ‘You are great in bed’

This will make us feel like the sex goddess and it will motivate us to get rid of our inhibitions about her performance between the sheets. This will set for a sizzling act later.

  1. ‘Will you spend the rest of your life with me?’

We are extra sensitive and this is like music to our ears. This compliment affirms us that our man is not just playing around with us; instead, he wants to spend the rest of his life with us. This will leave us smiling and blushing for all day long.


  1. ‘You will make a great mother’

We tend to have nurturing nature. We look forward to having kids, but we doubt ourselves if we will be the good mother or not. This compliment will boost us and tell us that we have everything that takes to be the nurturing mother. This is like assuring that he would like to bring his kids with us.

  1. ‘What do you think about *something*?’

Asking us about our opinion; be it for something minor issue or major issue, makes us feel that our opinion is important for our man and they respect our opinion. We love to express our views and we love it when our man allows us to put our point in any length.

  1. ‘You are my dearest friend’

Telling us that we are not just their love of life, but also a dear friend builds a connection beyond sexual interest. It boosts our ego.


  1. ‘You know what is on my mind’

This makes us believe that we know our man better than he knows himself. We may even end up giving more than what our man has on his mind.

  1. ‘I am lucky to have you’

We want to be with a man who is the true gentleman and love us for who we are. We feel proud when our man is proud to have us in their life. This compliment is sure to leave us blushing.

  1. ‘I love you’

These three magical words hold a lot of importance for us. If our man says these words when we are expecting it the least or in a surprising manner, it will sure make our heart skip a beat.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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