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10 Adorable Reasons You Might Be Falling In Love With Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

For most of us, it is hard to figure out the reason for which we fall for the other person. We keep on wondering as to how and when we fall for this person? What was the trait that made us go crazy for him? Or what was so adorable about him that we could not resist ourselves? Here are 10 adorable reasons you might be falling in love with him.

  1. Same wicked characteristics

The moment we find someone sharing the same mischievous level as we do, we start to feel that they can be our potential life partner. We feel that they complement our level of wickedness.


  1. Deep voice

We turn pink and our heart feels fluttered when the guy we meet starts to talk in his deep voice. We just want to listen to them for the rest of our life or for the relationship.

  1. Love for Bollywood (or any other interest)

Do not we just drool over a guy who can quote movie dialogues word by word? We love it when a guy shares our guilty pleasure and imagine about the times when we will sit cuddling and watch the movies together.

  1. Rugged looks

There are girls who want their man to shave, dress well and smell great; and then there are girls who like the rugged man who does not care about their clothes or looks. The fact that they do not care about their looks and still are so confident, can make some of us fall for them head over heels.


  1. Language skills

If a guy can talk and type intelligently, it is a huge turn on. If your man is great with his English skills, you will drool over him.

  1. Introvert traits

If you are kind of the introvert and hates certain public activities, then you will want the same from your partner. If you both share the same introverted traits, then you might be super interested in him.

  1. Being social

A guy with huge friend circle and the sociable trait is the one, girls are likely to fall for. It is obvious that he will have so much to like about him.


  1. His ability to be a listener

If he is a great listener, you will love to talk with him for the rest of your life. If you feel you can share a comfortable silence with this guy and don’t always have to entertain him with stories – well then, he’s silently making his way into your heart.

  1. His driving skills

If you have been with him when he drives, you will notice about his music taste and how he maintains his calm in road situations. If you feel safe when he is driving, then you might wish to spend your life this way only with him.

  1. The way he deals with kids

If you have seen this guy playing with kids and dealing with them in a perfect manner, then you might feel that he is a perfect father material. Your mind and heart works as a cupid and makes you fall for his innocent side.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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