11 Ways You Can Build Your Relationship Stronger With Him!

By- Tanya Sagar

Relationships always seem beautiful in the beginning probably because you spend a lot of time together. You talk for hours, go on dates, and there is a fear of losing one another. You both try to understand each other by talking about his/her past, asking questions about the same. The love gradually grows when a time comes that you both start planning for your future together. But slowly and gradually as time passes by, things become old and since there is nothing new in the relationship, fights occur for no reason.  You feel less connected to your partner and things become monotonous. However, you can still get those days back and build your relationship stronger by doing some bonding activities.

  1. Try to do something new

Always try to something new with your relationship in order to break the monotony. It can be a new hang out place, a new adventure, a different sex position or a type of food you have never tried together. Doing something new brings more excitement into the relationship.


  1. Listen to him

Fights occur when both the partners do not listen to each other and always want to present their viewpoints. Always ask your partner to tell you about something and listen to him actively. It might be a certain problem he is going through or some of his achievements. Listening gives you a chance to understand his point of view, promotes an environment of healthy discussion and improves your communication gap.

  1. Do random acts of kindness regularly

Always try to make your partner feel special by doing small things. Try to do small gestures like I miss you, I am thinking of you or randomly say I love you. Whenever he falls asleep drop a sweet message or email for him so that once he gets up in the morning he has a big smile on his face. Though gestures are small but their impact is very big and fruitful.

  1. Appreciate him

You start taking a person for granted when you are with him for a long time. You start thinking that he knows what I feel for him. But always let him know how special he is and how much you care for him. Appreciate him by thanking him for being with you in your tough times or taking you out for dinner. Tell him that he is handsome or how good his new haircut looks. Try to wear his favourite shirt, underwear or perfume.


  1. Go on a date night

Plan a good late night dinner for him. Explore a new place or his favourite restaurant and surprise him by arranging a good candle light dinner for him. This would make you both spend some and understand each other.

  1. Intimacy

Try to get intimate with him as it increases the bonding. Hug him as tightly as you can or massage a part of his body. After a dinner date, go to the bed, take off his clothes. Try to be playful, kiss him and try out new sex positions.

  1. Talk to him

We are so busy in our lives and we have taken our partner so much for granted that we don’t actually talk. Always take out at least 15-20 minutes from your daily routine and talk to him. Tell him about what you did the entire day or ask him how his day was. Tell him that you missed him. Get to know him again by making an effort to talk to him nicely.


  1. Re-live the memories

Reconnecting with the past can sometimes help you connect with your partner again. Do not ever talk about the bad memories. Always talk about the good times you spent with each other, your first date together, the first time he held you or kissed you. Write a letter to him which includes all the good memories.

  1. Travel

A trip can always make your relationship stronger. When you travel together, live with that person for a couple of days, you really get to know him. Plan a holiday with him and explore new and exciting places. This would for sure make you both closer.

  1. Accept his uniqueness

Everyone has certain expectations with their partner. We wish that our partner was more romantic, gives us gifts, time or is more handsome. But the reality is that we should never expect too much. We should always be thankful for what we have. Unrealistic expectations create problems and frustrations.


  1. Spend time with his  family and friends

Always try to make good relations with his family and friends. Respect his parents and relatives, talk to them, spend time with them and love them too. This would make your partner feel all the more connected to you. He would feel happy to see you connected with his loved ones.

Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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