13 Things That Can’t Get You PREGNANT… So Relax!

By- Shreya Sharma

I had a friend who once asked me “Do we get pregnant if someone kisses us?” and not just her, there will be many who will have various pregnancy doubts even if they have had the best sex education. Plus, Google is somehow ready to make you believe that all the traits you are facing are sure to get you pregnant, deepening the doubts in your mind. To some it could kiss, to some it could be late periods and to others, it could be various things. Here are 13 things that cannot get you pregnant, so relax.

  1. Kisses

Your mouth to mouth action or kisses here and there will not get you pregnant. There is nothing to worry about if your guy kisses you.


  1. Going down

If he goes down on you, you will feel great, it can lead to orgasm and no, you will not be pregnant.

  1. Fingering

If he uses his fingers or hands to please you, you will not get pregnant. Remember, his fingers do not ejaculate, so there is not the risk of pregnancy.

  1. Love bites

If he caresses you, kisses you or gives you a love bite, it will not get you pregnant. Even if it starts to bleed, you will not get pregnant.


  1. Pre-cum

Pulling out is not a great method of safe sex, it works only if done correctly. One of the big woes about pulling out is pre-cum entering the vagina, leading to pregnancy. But, to be frank, the chance of becoming pregnant from pre-cum alone is minimal. You should be more worried about your partner depositing actual semen in your vagina than pre-cum which might not even contain sperm in it at all.

  1. Dry humping

Dry humping does not include intercourse which means you get a little action without his penis being actually inside you. You cannot get pregnant this way.

  1. Masturbation

While you are masturbating, there is no semen involved, so there is no chance that you will get pregnant.


  1. Come but not inside you

If he comes anywhere, be it on your stomach, while giving him the blowjob, vaginal region, boobs or any place, you will not get pregnant. You will only get pregnant if he comes inside you while having sex.

  1. Blowjob

Swallowing semen will not make you pregnant because it will go through your throat to your stomach and not your vagina. You will get pregnant if it enters your vagina.

  1. Anal sex

Anal sex can only make you pregnant if your partner’s semen slips down and enters your vagina. Else, you cannot get pregnant with anal sex.


  1. Being in water with semen

Semen will not swim its way up in your vagina just because of someone spunk in the water.

  1. Grinding

You cannot get pregnant if he has not entered you and ejaculated inside you. A little will lead to orgasm and not pregnancy. You cannot get pregnant if somebody rubs their penis against your vagina.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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