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15 Thoughts Every Guy Has After He Has Sex!

By- Shreya Sharma

You can be in a committed relationship or in a one night stand; there is a constant genuine thought that after the girl has after being intimate which is, what a guy thinks of after he is done? We wonder if he liked it or not, what should we do now that he is done? Your man too might have the same thoughts, once he is done. Here are 15 thoughts guy have after he finishing it.

  1. Can I sleep now?

Sex is an exercise and burns calories, so you are sure to get tired and feel sleepy. Since it takes a lot of work; your guy might want to rest a bit afterward. When guys reach climax, they release a lot of prolactin that makes them feel satisfied and leads to drowsiness which makes them feel sleepy.


  1. Did she enjoy it?

When a guy is committed to you, he will care about his performance in bed. For men, performance is very important and keeps their stamina and confidence going. That is why he is worried about his performance and if you enjoyed or not. If the guy thinks about this, then he cares about your sex life and wants to please you.

  1. Did she finish or was she faking it?

A guy will be worried about your satisfaction if you are in a committed relationship. They are obsessed with their performance because your satisfaction motivates their stamina and confidence. He will not generally ask about it, if he does, do not forget to feed his thoughts.

  1. Am I too fast for her?

A guy is really bothered about finishing fast. It bothers them if they blow their load early. He can ask you about this or even apologize to you about this because he is worried. He must be waiting for it for a real long time, and when he finally gets it, it ends so quickly and this disappoints him.


  1. Why I took so long to finish?

If he takes too long to finish, then it is also a thought that will bother him. He will start to question his performance between the sheets. And he will have this thought because women neither want a ‘one-minute’ man nor a man that will take forever. He will start to doubt if it is his fault or her fault. And you can even start blaming yourself for this delayed ejaculation.

  1. What now? No more mystery

Some men might think what is left to do when the deed is done. Sex with the new girl is exciting, but once it is done, no excitement is left. And you man might wonder what next since the mystery is gone. When a guy gets lucky too early, he might question to continue or not, because there was no enough time in your relationship to build an emotional bond.

  1. Can we have the round 2?

Usually, men feel tired after having sex because of the hormones released once they orgasm. But there are times when they are active enough to go for round 2. And if not then, he will wonder if he can do it in the morning. It could be because your first time was so great that he was eager to do more. Or maybe because he felt that he was not good in the first round and he wants to do it better.


  1. This was just a mistake

Men too sometimes think that they have made a mistake after having sex with someone whom they just met or had some interested in, even if they enjoyed it. They might end up questioning themselves if he is lonely? Is it okay to have sex with some random girl? They will doubt if having sex a little early would ruin their chances for a relationship.

  1. Should I tell my friends?

Men too gossip like us. He might share it with his friends to talk about his achievement, especially if he ranks you high on his hot scale and to state that he is no more a virgin. They can even do so to have some input from his friends about his performance.

  1. Should I call her back?

This is usually after one night stands. Well, in some cases guys might consider seeing the girl again or call her back. He would consider the thought seriously due to the fear of commitment.


  1. What about food?

There are men who prefer to visit the fridge or kitchen right after having sex. Sex burns calories, and it is general to feel hungry after the workout. It is okay if either of you or you both feel hungry after a session between the sheets.

  1. I hope I am the best she has ever had

If a guy immediately thinks that he is the best sex a woman has ever had, then this is one big red flag. It is okay if he wants to feel good about his performance, but assuming it on his own shows he is extremely cocky and confident about his sexual capabilities. It is better if a girl confirms this to a guy after sex.

  1. When should I leave?

If this is the one-night stand, then a guy will think of this because he is not sure about what to do afterward. Most of them assume the need to cuddle, but then they are confused about what they should do. It is really awkward after one night stand or casual sex.


  1. Did I return the favor?

It is natural for a man to think this way. They worry if they were too focused on their satisfaction that they did not bother about their partner’s satisfaction and this shows that he is not one selfish soul. Give him some validation to motivate him and encourage him to work on your needs.

  1. Where is the TV remote?

If a guy isn’t sleeping or eating, he would definitely be rolling over in the bed or couch to reach for that remote and tune into his favorite show and this is a hormonal response. After ejaculation, the feel good hormone is released, which in turn increases and promotes relaxation, which, to some men, can be attained by watching television.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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