10 Things To Keep In Mind When You Are Flirting!

By- Shreya Sharma

You need to be very careful while flirting with your crush as else you might seem to be one creepy person that he will prefer to run away from. You need to know what you are doing because you will certainly not love it when he will run away from you when you actually want to be with him. You need to avoid creeping him out and scaring him to the level of being-away-from-you. Here are 10 things to keep in mind when you are flirting.

  1. Staring for too long

Eye contact is important to flirt with your crush as it draws his attention towards you and suggest him about your feelings. But do not take it too far; do not stare at it for too long else it will freak him out.


  1. Inappropriate touches

Touching him lightly and subtly is the great way to flirt especially when you are still getting to know him. Casually touching his arm or shoulder while talking, is fine. But do not go way beyond by slapping him on his rear or forcing yourself on him. This will turn yours flirting into sexual harassment.

  1. Pretending to be someone else

Do not pretend to be every single thing your crush likes. Do not pretend to be someone else just to impress your partner. He will never like you for this. To impress him, it is better that you stay yourself only.

  1. Bitching about other girls

Bitching about other girls will never make you look good for him. It will make you look unattractive because you are basing other women being a woman. It will make you look like a freaking jealous person.


  1. Being mean to him

Tease your crush, but do not turn too mean to him that he starts assuming that you hate him. Compliment him rather than criticizing, else he will think he has nothing to do with you.

  1. Be careful with your pickup lines

Use your pickup lines in a playful manner on your crush. Do not go too serious with your pickup lines as it will not work that way.

  1. Laughing at everything he says

It is ok to laugh at some of his jokes, even when they are not funny. But do not laugh at everything he says, because then he will stop putting in his efforts to make you smile or laugh considering it is too easy to make you happy.


  1. Flirting with his friends

Do not flirt with his friends thinking that he will feel jealous or he will notice you. It will create the negative opinion about you and no one in his friend circle will consider you as girlfriend material. And making him feel jealous is not the way to win him over.

  1. Using too many emojis

Do not overuse emojis as it will make you look immature and desperate. It is unnecessary and makes you look pathetic.

  1. Being a stalker on social media

We all stalk, but do not go on liking every single tweet or Facebook status or Instagram picture they have shared. You will only look desperate if you go on liking his picture that is months or years old.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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