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8 Unladylike Things Men Absolutely Love About Women!

By- Shreya Sharma

Women are supposed to behave in a proper manner that is dictated to them by god knows why. An ideal lady should be fair, reserved, courteous, coy, and submissive, should not poop and fart or even smell bad. But a lady of today is not just about these set rules; we are more than that which people normal call “unladylike’ behavior. There are men who find this unladylike behavior attractive in women. Here are 8 unladylike things men absolutely love about women.

  1. Laughing out loud

Earlier, laughing loud was considered uncivilized thing for girls. Faking a smile might be a formal behavior now, but men find it attractive when a woman can laugh her heart out while snorting. It shows that she is being natural.


  1. DIY work

Men find it attractive when a woman can do DIY Stuff like fixing or mopping a car, wiring computer, putting up a fence and other such activities.

  1. Handling their alcohol

Men are impressed with girls who do not have a concept of ‘ladylike’ drinking and can get drunk with strong stuff as well. Beer, scotch, and bourbon are on girls!


  1. Defending herself

A woman was supposed to be away from violence and seek help from the man in order to protect her. Man finds it attractive when a girl can beat the crap out of a creep by kicking his ass to defend herself.

  1. Eating whatever you want

Women would eat those boring food items to maintain her figure, but men are attracted to those who can sit with them and eat without being concerned about how much fat and calories the food has. Stay healthy, not depriving!


  1. Being comfortable with your sexuality

Men like women who are comfortable discussing sexuality. Earlier discussing sexuality was considered unladylike behavior because of which their sexual needs were often disregarded. Men nowadays appreciates it when women openly discuss what they like and dislike about sex.

  1. Mischievous sense of humor

Women are taught to avoid outlandish behavior, giving men a better opportunity to flaunt their sense of humor. But guys love the girls who can laugh and can make them laugh hardest. They feel the girls with the mischievous sense of humor as the keeper.


  1. Talking about your feelings

Men appreciate being asked out sometimes. And as much as it happens, men hate the guessing game they have to play when it comes to what women want, think, and feel. A woman who speaks her mind and intentions without heed to the social convention is both attractive and admirable to men.

Source –  Tumblr

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