10 Exciting Reasons Guys Love Going Down On Women!

By- Shreya Sharma

Oral sex is stimulating, though some of us just do not like and enjoy this experience. That is fine because we all have our own preferences. But why would someone like to go down on you? Have you ever thought about it? As gross going down on you may sound, it has some exciting reasons for it to be done. Here are 10 exciting reasons guys love going down on women.

  1. It shows he is really into you.

This is a sign of real intimacy. The way it is a big deal for us to give a guy blowjob, the same way it is hard for your man to go down on you, but if he does, it is a sign that he is really into you and ready to take the bedroom fun a notch higher.


  1. It turn him on

Going down on you is a big turn on for man. The moment and the way he makes you feel are enough to get him high.

  1. He likes to make you feel great

He is not being selfish in bed; he is ready to do things that will make you feel good and aroused.

  1. He loves when you run your fingers through his hair

It is sexy when you run your finger through their hair. Grab his hair lightly and let him know that you love what he is doing.


  1. He is curious

They want to know about this going down thing. They want to know about what happens, how it works and how it tastes like. They will learn to get better with it.

  1. To bring you to climax

It is his secret fantasy to climax together and this is the way he can achieve it.

  1. You feel sexually connected

It is like connecting on an emotional and physical level. It will be a new definition to your relationship. This will bring you both closer.


  1. He wants to focus on you

He knows that woman take a little longer to reach climax, so he just wants to focus on you. He wants you both to be on the same page.

  1. He want you to reciprocate

He is expecting a little reciprocation in return. It’s up to you whether you want to or not but we’re just telling you that he clearly wants it!

  1. This is one great view

He will have a view at your boobs and you are lost in ecstasy expression and he will love it.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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