11 Mistakes You NEED To Stop Making In Bedroom!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is easy to turn on a man and bring them to pleasure in comparison to the woman. But guys too have their likes, dislikes and turn ons and turn offs. Certain things can be a big turn off for them and certain things are better you avoid for your safety as this can bring your sexual pleasure low. By avoiding certain mistakes, you can raise your sexual satisfaction level. Here are 11 mistakes you need to stop making in the bedroom.

  1. Thinking he is mind reader

He might have had sexual experiences, but every woman has a different way to reach orgasm. You need to guide him to reach the pleasure. Your moans and breaths should guide him on what you want. But remember his ego is fragile, do not say what he did wrong, tell him how he can do better.


  1. No regular conversations

If you want to talk, talk dirty or about sex. Do not talk about your day or gossip about others during sex as it will only kill the mood.

  1. Poor hygiene

You need to maintain your hygiene level. Shower, clean yourself, and decide if you want to wear pubic hair or not, but make sure it is soft. It will be bad to rub your skin against something rough and hard.

  1. Never ever initiating

If you are in the mood, then make the move rather than waiting for him to initiate. This will make things exciting and it will turn him on. Surprise him, dress up, walk naked to him or just unzip his jeans. He will love it.


  1. Doing everything

Do not do the things that you are not comfortable doing. Do not have unprotected sex just because your man wants to have it if you are uncomfortable. He might have done it this way with other women which are even more risk for you.

  1. Not making a balance

If your man is not giving you any pleasure and is focused on his pleasure only, then you should also not work for his pleasure. Try to change him, and if he cannot then find someone better for the sake of your sex life.

  1. Fake orgasm

Do not fake orgasm, because he will think that whatever he does can turn you on or he might even know that you are just faking it. Enjoy the foreplay and sex without climax if you cannot orgasm. Reassure your man that you enjoyed it even if you did not reach climax.


  1. Being selfish

Do not be too selfish in bed. If he is working on your pleasure, then return him the favor. Make your sex life a give and take relationship.

  1. Being silent

Men want to hear some moaning to know that they are doing right to please their girl. Let him know if he needs to work on some zone. Appreciate your man with your breaths and moaning if you are not comfortable with your words.

  1. Lights off

A woman usually prefers to have sex in dark room with no lights on. Men are visual, and it’s important for them to see a woman’s hair, face, and body while making love. You don’t have to keep all the lights on, but it should be bright enough that you can recognize each other’s faces.

  1. Do not act dead

Do not just lie there because you think this is the right way or because you think you cannot enjoy sex. Try different positions and moves. It is a big turn off for guys, when their woman just lay there, without making any move or sound. Work on your pleasure and enjoy it.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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