Top 10 Things Guys Notice When They First Meet You!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have heard “First impression is the last impression”, and it is quite important. But when it comes to meeting a guy, the first impression probably means everything. If he dislikes something about you in the first impression, it is probably going to stay with him and his mind forever. We all want to know what guys really see in us in our first interaction. Knowing things will help us prevent from making mistakes that turn him off. Guys notice almost everything about us. Here are 10 things guys notice when they first meet you.

  1. Hair

When you meet a guy, the first thing he looks at is your face. But if he is behind you, then he will notice your hair first. Your hair can make him decide if he finds you pretty or not. Your hair suggests how you present yourself. Having shiny, healthy and luscious hair makes a first impression.


  1. Smile

Girls with a frown on their face are the big turn off for guys. Men like to see your pearly white teeth. Having a smile on your face shows you are a positive person. A real smile suggests health, vitality, and positivity, while a fake smile suggests that you are a fake person. A smile is the best way to please a man.

  1. Interaction

A guy notices the way you interact with others. He will look out for the act of kindness and compassion and notice the way you handle situations with cashier and waiter. Do not take it as if he is judging you, we all do notice these things.

  1. Laugh

A guy feels good about himself if he can turn your smile into the laugh. He will also feel good about you if you can laugh. When he knows you can laugh at his jokes, it will make him feel comfortable and confident. A girl who cannot communicate a warm laugh does not form a good impression.


  1. Posture

Standing with head high and shoulders rigid sends a message that you have confidence, bounce, and vitality and you are comfortable in your own skin. Guys want their girl to be confident and that is why looks at your posture.

  1. Eyes

Eyes can show the mystery you have and depict your soul. A guy usually looks into your eyes during initial contact. They find them beautiful and want to get lost in your soul in order to discover more about you.

  1. Your friends

Your friends speak a lot about the type of person you are. He looks at your friends to know what values you might have. Surround yourself with friends that you actually like.


  1. Your voice

This is something guys immediately notice about you. If your voice is sexy, it will be a turn on for a guy. But if you have the high-pitched voice, he will not find it good.

  1. Your manners

Man wants girls with manners. They notice how you talked with your mom if you thanked him or not or if you put your phone away while talking with him or not.

  1. Dance moves

If you meet on a dance floor, he will notice your dance moves. If your dance moves are good, it shows that you are confident and can have fun.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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