13 Subtle Signs He Wants You For More Than Your Body!

By- Shreya Sharma

When a guy shows interest in us, we are mostly confused if his feelings are genuine or if this is just for the sake of our body. Guys are not good with words; they are not as verbally expressive as women. But then how to know if he is into us more than our body, here are 13 subtle signs he wants you for more than your body.

  1. He stays in touch

He might be busy, but he will manage his time to talk with you. It shows he wants to know about your day and how you are doing. It shows that he cares for you and he is interested in you more than just the physical part.


  1. He worries about you

He will care for you when you are sick, he will offer his coat to you when it is cold. He can sometimes become too worried that it may even irritate you, but that is how men are.

  1. He seeks your advice

He wants to hear your opinion on every matter which shows that he is into you, he respects you and your opinion. This shows that you have a big place in his life.

  1. He compromises

We all are selfish but when we fall in love, we understand the art of compromise and are willing to compromise. So, if your guy agrees to what you say even if that is the exact opposite of what he wants then he is serious about you.


  1. He understands what you want

When a guy loves you, he will love you for your quirks and he will be habitual of them without any issues. He will be attentive to you and your needs.

  1. He is gentleman

If he holds the door for you and makes sure that nothing bad ever happens to you when you are with him or when you are away, then he is into you.

  1. He touches you

If he holds your hand, hugs you or looks for chances to touch and his touch does not make you feel uncomfortable then he is not with you just to have some bedroom fun.


  1. He makes you meet his family

This is the one really big step. If a guy is serious about you, he will want the important people in his life to get to know each other.

  1. His future includes you

When a guy is serious about you, he will make you a part of his future plans. You are in his long-term plans and he shares his plans with you.

  1. He manages his time for you

It is all about priorities. If he always has time for you and if he manages to see you at the end of a busy day, then he is into you.


  1. He protects you

He will defend you in public even when you are wrong. He may criticize you when you are alone, but he will not make a big fuss about it. He will protect you in every situation.

  1. He uses ‘we’

He is a keeper when he uses ‘we’ instead of ‘I’. You can see his pupil dilating when he sees you; he is excited to be with you.

  1. He says ‘I love you’

Many men find it extremely hard to verbalize their feelings, but once he finds the courage to declare his love for you, you can put all your doubts to bed.


Source – GiphyTumblr

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