16 Surprising Things Every Girl Notices About Their Vagina At Some Point!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is our body and that crazy part is we do not know it well. You might be somewhat informed now but there were those times as well when you were a little clue less about how your body works. And there you went on a research mission to explore your body. The most mysterious part is our vagina, where we have made the most experiments and discoveries and some just popped up randomly. Here are 16 surprising things every girl notices about their vagina at some point.

  1. There is a lot more down there when you spread your legs!!

It is not just what we see in mirror when we are standing with our legs together; it is a whole new world over there, ready to be explored.


  1. Hair down there

That is what puberty does to us and our bare down there is no-more bare down there.

  1. The source of pee is different

It is one shock for all when we discover that pee comes out from a completely different hole than the one we thought.

  1. There is a hole down there

For us, vagina was just what we see, but then there came the discovery of hole and the perception changed.


  1. This is where the penis goes

We all thought that it just goes between things and then we were baffled when the mystery of penis insert came out.

  1. And there are hair growing back as well

You sure would have thought, why I never looked at my vagina that carefully

  1. How clit works

Earlier you thought the clit is from where you pee and then you wondered how wrong you were.


  1. There are double lips

You had seen them but you never knew this what your another set of lips is!!

  1. Hand mirror does not give the same perspective as other mirror on your wall

It gave you an entirely new perspective about what goes down there.

  1. And then the blood too can come out from there

Yes, it was periods and weird clumpy blood.


  1. Vagina can make weird noises which you cannot control


  1. Discharge comes from vagina which is ok

This made you confused if this was some weird sort of period or your vagina needs help!!

  1. Vaginas are prone to bruise and injuries

They are invincible and can get bruise or injuries or cuts.


  1. The baby comes through there

This was quite a revelation and a scary one!! You were never ready for this discovery.

  1. That is where you are supposed to put the tampon

You were confused where to put it, then you were confused how to and then what to do with the string!!

  1. For the first time, putting penis in does not feel great

This is all lie if people say their first time experience was great, it is painful.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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