15 Types Of Sex, We Ranked From Worst To Best… Just Because!

By- Shreya Sharma

Sex is not just what you thought; it has more varieties than you have ever wondered. And most people will experience at least one of these kinds of sex once in their life. There are so many varieties that you will always have something new to try. Here are 15 types of sex; we ranked from worst to best.

  1. Hangover sex

After being drunk and wasted, most of us just want to get into our bed and usually being so high, we fall asleep. And then, when we wake up we might feel to be the king or the queen to have beaten the hangover and plan to celebrate the victory by having sex. And when we start, we realize that we are still drunk and we do not want to move our body and we just want to stop it.


  1. First-time sex

There will be people, for whom first-time sex will be amazing, and there will be people who have no clue about what they are doing and they will be uncomfortable and nervous as hell. Well, no worries, it is just the beginning, you will learn and grow.

  1. Shower sex

Shower sex might sound and look hot and sexy in movies, but in reality, it can be a whole mess. You might lose your grip on the slippery floor, you will be trying to find a place where one of you will not be pressing your naked body against the cold tile, you can even have the water directly forced on your face making you suffocate and you might even get some strain. Though it is not like this always, sometimes you can have the best of it as well.

  1. Sex with ex

You may find the idea of having sex with your ex-appealing because there is no uncertainty, you know each other’s wants in bed and if you have the emotional connection, then it will be much more fun. But this emotional connection can make things little messy afterward.


  1. Breakup sex

This is when you mutually call things off and decide to seal the decision with a session between the sheets. It is meaningful because it will be the last time you will get intimate and it will be an incredible moment. But tears will not make the situation great.

  1. Outdoor sex

Outdoor sex has the risk of being caught and that gives a thrill and kick to people to do it. This is uncomfortable, cold or damp and you might end up with issues at the places you should not have. Having sex where someone can see you can lend you in legal troubles.

  1. Anal sex

Anal sex is not as simple as it looks. While there will be people who cannot have enough of it, there will be some who cannot find anything worse than this. If it is done right, you will love it.


  1. Drunken sex

Alcohol can help you lower down the inhibitions and the confidence you will have will be amazing for your bedroom experience. The more you drink the less sensitive your body becomes which is not what you want while having sex. It will affect your decision-making powers which are not good.

  1. Sex with self

Sometimes, it is great to have some ‘me time’. Masturbate because it is always available, you know what you need and how long you want it. But it is not as great as having sex with a partner.

  1. Romantic sex

Take it slow and explore every part of your partner’s body. You will feel secure, relaxed and happy and this will make it easy for you to orgasm.


  1. Morning sex

Women mostly prefer evening sex, whereas men prefer morning sex more. But, there is no better way to start your day with orgasm, when your mind and body is all rested and you are not tired.

  1. Marathon sex

Most of us cannot enjoy sex for as long as we want because of various reasons like external pressure, stress or deadlines. However, when you are free with no time constraint, you can go on and on and on and have a great sexual experience.

  1. Quick sex

A quickie has a sneak thrill that gives it the edge over the hour long session. You just have to be safe and conscious of the time to have a great memory to make you blush all day long.


  1. Oral sex

Oral sex is not for everyone. It is preferred by only those who do it well and consider it to be more intimate.

  1. Make-up sex

You have an argument with your partner, you scream and shout and cry and to reconcile you have sex. In this, our heightened emotions become heightened sensations, and the endorphin release help to bring people close together again after the argument.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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