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15 Things Mature Woman Never Do When In Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Relationship have their own struggles and you might feel that you are mature enough, but sorry to burst your bubble, ‘not call your man baby, babu, Shona’ is not what being mature is called. There are certain things that are immature and worth avoiding for a happier relationship. Here are 15 things the mature woman never do when in the relationship.

  1. Do not give up on financial independence

Your partner might be financially strong but being financially dependent on him can actually mean giving up your independence. If you are mature, you do not have to depend on your partner for everything. Having your own money to spend will make you feel happy and proud.


  1. No sacrifice with other relationships

Many people sacrifice their friendship when they enter into a relationship. It is important to remember that your friends and family have been a part of your life since the time your partner was not there. If you are mature, you should have a balance between your loved ones.

  1. Do not focus on your partner’s bad traits

If you are mature, you will focus on your partner’s best traits rather than the negative ones. They try not to judge their partner for their flaws and understand that they too can have flaws.

  1. Thank their partner

After being in a relationship for quite some time, it is easy to forget to appreciate the little efforts of your man. If you are mature, do not forget to say please and thank you to your man.


  1. Do not give up on their dreams

If you are mature, you should understand that your relationship should bring out the best in you. It should encourage you to pursue your dreams; else you will struggle to be happy in your relationship.

  1. Consider your partner’s happiness too

You should understand that the idea of happiness for everyone is different. You should give your partner space or affection as they want. Do not make assumptions about the ways to make your partner happy.

  1. Do not quit your self-respect

Do not let your relationship take away your self-respect. Do not let your partner talk with you negatively.


  1. Do not take ‘I Love You’ lightly

Understand the importance and meaning of these three words and work hard to keep these words special always. Do not say ‘I Love You’ after every conversation but say it at the right moment.

  1. Do not give up on your happiness

Understand the importance of happiness. You should understand that your partner is a part of your happiness and he should bring happiness to your life.

  1. Do not feel the need to be always in contact with your partner

If you are mature, you too have your busy life and thus do not need constant contact with your partner. You are secure enough to trust your man in his absence.


  1. Do not let him make all the decisions

You both should respect each other’s decision which can be as big as getting married to as small as the restaurant to have the dinner at. You both should consider and respect each other’s opinions and decisions.

  1. Do not share the relationship with the world

To be mature, you should understand the value of keeping your relationship between you and your partner. You need not discuss your arguments with other people and should focus on communicating with your partner to solve the problem.

  1. Do not give up on your space

You should understand the importance to have some time alone. Value your ‘alone time’ and work on your hobbies.


  1. Do not resent your partner’s happiness

You should embrace your partner’s happiness and should celebrate their achievements with them.

  1. Do not give up your identity

When you start a new relationship, it is normal to become interested in your partner’s hobbies and interests. It can be a lot of fun to share interests together, but to be mature women; do not lose your own interests and hobbies for someone else.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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