10 Unrealistic Expectations That Destroy Your Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Relationships have their own share of love, joy, fun and happiness. You have a partner to love, cuddle, share things and get intimate with. You have a constant shoulder to cry on. And then you both start to expect a lot from each other which often destroys your relationship. We all have unrealistic expectations in our mind about how our relationship should work and how our partner should react and act which hampers our relationship. Here are 10 unrealistic expectations that destroy your relationship.

  1. Expecting that he can read your mind

Your man is not a mind reader. He will not get it if you had a miserable day at work if you do not tell him on your own. They can say if you are in a bad mood, but you will have to tell him the reason behind such mood. Do not expect him to read your mind.


  1. Expecting that he does not check out other people

It is fine if you expect him not to cheat on you or get involved with another person. But if you expect that he should not check out another person, then you are in for break up. Beauty is to be appreciated and so they will, but that does not mean that they will cheat on you with them.

  1. Expecting that he does not need personal space

People usually think that being in the relationship means that you own this person and there is no scope for alone time and space. You too need some alone time with your friends and family and so does him. It only means that they have other things as well to do.

  1. Expecting that he should text you 24*7

They will text you when they have free time or it is something important. Do not expect him to be in touch with you all the time. You need to respect the time they devote to their work, friends or family.


  1. Expecting that he cannot dislike your people

He has fallen in love with you and not your family and friends, so do not expect from him to get along perfectly with your family and friends. It is okay if they do not like something that your friend does or say. It is not possible that he get along with everyone in your life.

  1. Expecting him to have sex with you whenever you want

Your partner will not always be ready to have sex whenever you want and the same is with you. It does not mean that he is not interested in your body; it just means that he wants to snuggle and sleep.

  1. Expecting him not to fight

Fights are a part of the relationship and it does not mean that you both are in love. You both have a mind of your own and it is normal to have a different opinion, perspective, and miscommunication. Do not expect that you are never going to fight. Ensure that you both come out as a stronger couple.


  1. Expecting him to support your every action

Even if your partner loves you, he is going to have his own opinion on your deeds, while he might not stop you, but he will not always support you. He will say it if something is wrong for him. You need to understand that they have their own values and perceptions.

  1. Expecting that he should not expect you to dress up

Your partner loves you the way you are and he will love you even when you look your worst. But when it is a date, you need to dress according to the occasion and behave in a certain way. Put your best foot forward if you are going on a date out with your man.

  1. Expecting him to do everything for you

If you are taking financial, physical, and emotional help from your partner all the time, and then want them to think that you are at the same level as them on all these grounds, then you are wrong. Considering you need all the help, it is most likely that they are carrying the relationship forward. Do not expect them to give you equal credit.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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