10 Best Things About Having A Boyfriend!!

By- Shreya Sharma

You might be one of those who do not feel like having a boyfriend; you feel it to be more of trouble and something you cannot get well along with. You do not believe in the concept of relationship. And you are better with flirting rather than having a boyfriend. You have turned down many offers. But ever wonder how it is to have a boyfriend and why others have a boyfriend. It is not just what you understand through your friend’s relationship. Here are 12 best things about having a boyfriend.

  1. You will not go mad if he does not reply

You will not go with panic attack because you know he is probably busy. You do not have to doubt. When you say he is busy, he is surely busy. You can breathe without doubt.

  1. He will be there to zip up your dress

Okay you do not have to go through that crazy elbow bending sessions to get the zip up of your dress. You can call him and have one sweet romantic moment while getting your work done.

  1. You have someone to split food with

You have ordered everything you found mouth-watering and then a few bites and you are done. This is where you will have him to come to your rescue.

  1. No more Tinder dates

You will not have to run from your office in those high heels to get out for your Tinder date and get tipsy to have a hangover next working day. You will be more productive.

  1. You can do any embarrassing thing

You need not to worry what the guy you are flirting with will think about you if you go crazy. He will love you for whatever you do and will be a part of your actions.

  1. He will be there with you during boring get together

You can have that fun chup-chup ke flirting sessions at those boring get together to kill the boredom.

  1. He will always like your pictures

You know you have someone who will always like your picture and you will not have to face a zero like situation.

  1. Valentine’s day are fun

You are no more into having an alone Valentine’s Day because you have someone to celebrate it with. You will be excited about your date and gifts to give.

  1. You can do things that make you happy

Like no more of spending time on online dating and flirting with prospects. You have time to pamper yourself now and even your boyfriend cares about you.

  1. Couple costumes

You must have liked those couple costume posts and have thought to have someone to wear same clothes with. Now you have them to fulfill your wish.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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