10 Ways To Go Crazy With Him Without Losing Yourself!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being in a relationship does not ever mean losing yourself. We are guilty of saying goodbye to our solo life in the charm of trying to be the best girlfriend ever. We forget who we are and eventually end up losing the guy and ourselves. When you do not have a life of your own beyond your relationship, your relationship seems exciting but otherwise, things may seem boring and you may turn into a boring clingy girlfriend. Here are 10 ways to go crazy with him without losing yourself.

  1. Meet your friends at least once a week

You can meet them often but plan to meet them at least once a week. You will feel lively when you will not ditch the people you have been with since long. Show them how much they are important to you and they will be by your side if things go rough with your boyfriend.


  1. Do not forget the things important to you

Do not stop doing what you love doing just because now you have a boyfriend. Follow your healthy routine, keep rocking your career and you will be grateful in future.

  1. Do not let tiny issues turn into a showdown

When in a new relationship, we generally tend to ignore the small problems, but if you let these little issues grow bigger, you are going to lose yourself since your mind will be consumed with these issues. Address things as they happen.

  1. Add him to your life

Instead of subtracting things out of your life, add your boyfriend to your life. Take him to your gym or at your family brunch. Add him to your world. Do not give up on things instead have fun with your boyfriend.


  1. Go slow

When in the new relationship, you want to spend most of your time with your new guy and you do not think that you are moving too fast. Go slower than you want to in order to not lose yourself in the relationship. If you are meant to be, you will be together without rushing into things.

  1. Do not ignore any red flag

In a new relationship, we usually ignore the sketchy and shady things about this guy. You do not want to handle face relationship so it is better to figure out things to make things work. Make sure he is the person you want to be with and there are no red flags that you are overlooking to be with him.

  1. Have your me time

Just because you want to spend some time on your own does not mean you hate this new guy in your life. You can have your alone time as it is healthy and keeps you sane. Your boyfriend too may want his me time.


  1. Build friendship

You need to be friends first to let your relationship be happy and healthy one. Chemistry and physical attraction are important, but being friend with your new guy will help you build an awesome new relationship.

  1. Learn from your mistakes

Your past can teach you a lot about how to react in your new relationship. Going down the memory lane is never fun and no one wants to admit the things they did wrong, but you should learn from them. Accept the times you messed up and make sure you do not do it again.

  1. Leave the drama behind

The easiest way to forget who you are and become only someone’s girlfriend is by creating all kinds of drama. Sometimes it’s hard not to snap at your BF or start arguments when you really could have a normal conversation and work stuff out. Stay cool and you just might have a relationship that’s going to last longer.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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