10 Signs Your Perfect Relationship Is Not So Perfect!

By- Shreya Sharma

You might be so busy in projecting your relationship to be perfect that you forget to put real efforts to make such image of your relationship in real life. This is one sign that it is better you walk away from your relationship because no, your relationship is just an illusion of perfection. Here are 10 signs your perfect relationship is not so perfect.

  1. You are more of an online couple

If you keep on posting your couple selfies every day and post everything that you and your boyfriend do on social media, then you are more into bragging about your couple life online rather than living it.


  1. You wonder if you settled

No one is perfect and it is impossible to find a guy exactly the way you want, but you should be excited that you have someone to share your life with. If you are not excited or you feel settling for something less, then you are not in a perfect relationship.

  1. You are jealous of your single friends

If you are in a relationship and you miss using Tinder or living your single life, then you need to look at your relationship because that is not normal. You should be excited that you have someone to call your own rather than throwing fits about the idea of living your life with the same person.

  1. You are jealous of your couple-friends

You are having your own love story, so why to be jealous of your friend’s love story. This shows that you are not getting something out of your own relationship and it is driving you crazy.


  1. You fabricate your romantic story

When your friends ask you about how your relationship is going, you start to fabricate your stories. You say that things are going wonderfully when you are actually fighting all time. No relationship is perfect all the time, but if you have to show a flawless picture than it could be because things are not working out well.

  1. You do not have your partner for the parties

It is nice to have your BF as a plus one to the parties and events you attend. You want to share your life with them and want to bring them in your world. And if you do not want him to accompany you or he says not, then it is a bad sign.

  1. You do not talk about future

You might think of him as “The one” and plan a future with him, whereas he might think of the opposite. It is a red flag if you never talk about your future or relationship.


  1. You both live separate lives

You rarely see each other, you are living your single life and he is living him, and yet you think you are in a relationship then things are not perfect.

  1. You never talk about him

You do not want to be the girl who keeps on talking about her boyfriend. It is great, but equally weird if you never talk about them. He is a part of your life, so it is normal to have him in your conversations.

  1. Your friends dislike him

You do not have to call things off with your BF if your friends and family hate him, instead, you should look out for the reason. They know you well, they care about you, and they have a right to have an opinion. Listening to them might save you a lot of heartaches.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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