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12 Small Lies EVERY Guy Tell Their Girlfriends!

By- Shreya Sharma

Relationships are tricky and you need to work as a team to make them successful. Relationships need patience, hard work, and honest communication. When you are not honest with each other, usually it is hard to build trust. Over the time, you learn about your partner’s strengths, weakness, insecurities and what make them angry. Fights though are good to an extent for your relationship, but holding them will turn them into resentment which often leads to a huge showdown. And usually to avoid such fights, we use little white lies. Here are 12 small lies every guy tell their girlfriends.

  1. “Baby, I do not mind just cuddling”

Sometimes we are too tired to do all the work, while our guy wants to get us in the mood and will put his efforts but all in vain. And this is when guys say this.


  1. “What is cellulite?”

This might bother us a lot, but to man, it does not bother much. But guys know that you do not want to hear this, so they act dumb.

  1. “I am stuck in traffic. I will be there soon”

This is just like the way we say we just need 5 minutes to get ready for the party. We know those 5 minutes are never actually 5 minutes.

  1. “Of course this dress does not make you look fat”

If a guy is ready to go out with you in public, then they do not think you look fat. If a guy wants to be seen with you in public, then it shows that he thinks you are hot as hell.


  1. “Sure, you can drive. You are a great driver!”

But actually, they are worried about their lives all the time you drive. Their life will be flashing before their eyes.

  1. “No, that is what six inches looks like”

When a guy says you this, trust them because they know how measurement works.

  1. “I do not know why I have six missed calls”

This is why guys turn off text previews so that you do not get to know about who is texting them.


  1. “I love your mom, what are you talking about?”

Even if they do not, they know you love her and they will pretend the same way. They know she has done a lot for you, so they will try their best to keep her happy.

  1. “Who? Her! She is just a friend”

This is what guys basically use when they meet an old fling. They say this to avoid the hour long discussion over who, when, what, why.

  1. “What these? I got these from you!”

And they will even switch the story.


  1. “I was not checking her out.”

This is something that no guy will admit. But if an attractive girl walks through their line of vision, they are going to check her out.

  1. “We should go to that place, it seems good.”

Guys want to do things with you, so they will even agree with the things that might bore them, but because they know you will enjoy it.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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