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10 Things Guys Find Annoying About Kissing!

By- Shreya Sharma

Kissing is one passionate way of expressing your love and can lead to many things. It induces physiological, sexual arousal. Kissing is not just placing your lips or smacking your lips against someone else’s lips. Your tongue, teeth too come into play at times. It always seems passionate and ideal but sometimes some things can happen during kisses that are not ideal. Here are 10 things guys find annoying about kissing.

  1. Not everyone is good with kissing

Kissing is a talent that requires skills. People might not admit, but not everyone is great with kissing. And not everyone likes to be told that they are bad at kissing. So there are chances that the guy is bad at kissing or he met someone who is bad at kissing.


  1. Getting tongue down to his throat

Playing with the tongue is good, but not choking him down to death. Be careful and do not try to get your tongue as deep down his throat as possible.

  1. Kisses that are too long

Kissing for too long is like a slow painful death for him. After a certain point, he loses his attention from kissing and starts thinking about other things like his laundry.

  1. Chapped lips

If your lips are chapped and you are not applying lip balm, he is not going to like the kiss.


  1. Bad breath

Making out with someone new that has bad breath is awful. It is a blessing with the curse. You get to kiss- blessing, but you have to deal with bad breath- curse.

  1. Accidental Eskimo kiss

Accidentally smashing your nose into each other constantly while making out and kissing never feels good.

  1. Accidental make out with hair

If you have long hair, there are chances that they will get into your mouths exploring each other. It is like you are about to eat hair.


  1. Glasses being tangled

Making out with someone who wears glasses is no big issue. But if both people involved in making out wears glasses, then there will be a lot of glasses smacking. It is better you take off your glasses before making out.

  1. No kiss back

The worst thing that can happen is you standing there with dead-lip while he is kissing. This is like being so close, yet so far.

  1. Wondering what to do with eyes

You close your eyes when you kiss other people. It is standard, polite and vulnerable. What if you are staring at him like a weirdo while he is kissing and he doesn’t know it? What if he opens his eyes to check, but it turns out your eyes were closed, and then you open your eyes and you think he was staring at you the whole time like a weirdo?


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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