10 Small Things Guys Find Drop Dead *Sexy* In Women!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is not just your curves that your man finds sexy in you, there is much more to it. It is important to know what is supposed to be sexy and what actually is sexy. Just the way we all have our unique turn-ons, the same way men too have their own turn-ons and things that they find sexy. Here are 10 things guys find drop dead sexy in women.

  1. Playing damsel in distress

Ask your man for help so that they can be your hero, even when you do not need his help and know how to take care of yourself. It is nice and arousing for men when you ask him to help you carry his bag even when you know you can.


  1. When you are naked, and ask them not to look!

Men find it sexy when you show your nakedness and ask them not to look or take it away from them. Whether you just tell him not to look, or give them a peek and pulling your shirt back. This reveals and removes effect will leave your man wanting more.

  1. Mismatched lingerie

It is a turn on for men when your underwear does not match. It could be because it makes you look spontaneous or because of the color, but this works on men.

  1. Whenever they can make you laugh

Men just love to hear you laugh uncontrollably. It shows that you are having fun, you are relaxed and you are comfortable with them. You might not love your laugh, but it is music to your man’s ears.


  1. Your sex accessories

Just the fact that you have the sex stuff and you are comfortable with your sexuality is enough to get your man hot and high.

  1. When you wear your pajamas

It is a huge turn on for men when you wear your pajamas and look cute and comfortable. This shows that you can be your true self with them. They love when you reveal this side of your life to them.

  1. When you are comfortable with your naked body

It is not when you are ready to have sex or go to the washroom. It is when you do not mind roaming in the house bare clothes or spending time with your man naked.


  1. Your voice

Your voice hints your man that they are about to learn something or have a great laugh. Guys are attracted to a woman’s voice. It may be because how we can go high and low with our pitch or god knows why.

  1. Being a badass

Guys love it when you dominate the meeting at work, when you flirt, negotiate your way or seeing you kick ass or take names.

  1. The stray hair out of your ponytail

It is when you start your day, looking incredible and there are few little stray hair escaping the ponytail defying your efforts. Guys love those stray hair.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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