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19 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore!

By- Shreya Sharma

Relationships are complex. We all have our certain deal breakers that we just cannot stand, but apart from them, there are certain quirks that are bright red flags that you must acknowledge. We generally find these quirks cutes and ignore them being blinded by love, but the excess of everything is just not right. Here are 19 relationship red flags you should never ignore.

  1. Constantly telling you how perfect you are

In the initial days of a relationship, it is fine. But if this grows into a continuous act, it is infuriating. Your man does not see you for who you are, instead, he has some perfect idea of you in his mind, and the time you shatter his expectations by being a normal person, it will be hard to console them. And it is creepy if someone is obsessed with us so much.


  1. Your sex drives do not match

There is no set amount of sex you should have, but it is important that your sex drives should match, or at least have a way to handle the difference. If your sex drive is higher or lower than your partner, then you will have ego clashes, emotional pressure, and resentment.

  1. Pushing your physical boundaries innocently

If your man cannot stop tickling you, hugging you, rubbing your shoulder constantly even when you ask them to back off then this could be a sign that he does not respect your right over your own body. And he can push those boundaries to dangerous limits as well.

  1. He wants you just for Himself

If your man is trying to separate you from your friends and family because they want you for themselves only, then you better run away from him.


  1. He describes his exes as ‘crazy’

Sometimes, we have the bad breakup that we are still sour for an ex years down the line. But if for your man, his every ex is crazy, then the problem might be with him.

  1. He calls you name when in argument

Fights are a part of any relationship. But if your man turns into someone different and calls you names the moment you disagree with some things, it can be a sign that he disrespects you.

  1. Rolling their eyes at you

Mutual respect is important for a happy relationship. And you do not frequently roll your eyes at someone you respect.


  1. He does not bond well with his parents

Everyone struggles with their parents sometimes. But if your man does not respect his parents and is harsh with them, then you can imagine how he will treat others who are close to him.

  1. The change in attitude

If your man spends the entire day being rude to you, and then abruptly turns into a great boyfriend without any apology or explanation, and then starts calling you name, then it is better you get away from him.

  1. You both have different sleep schedule

If your man has a daytime schedule and you are a night-time baby, then you are in for many problems. Your social life, career and the time you spend together will be a lot of mess.


  1. He keeps secrets

He is secretive about little things, so you can expect them to hide some big important things as well.

  1. He cheated on his last partner

You should know about your man’s relationship history. if he has cheated on his last partner with you, there are chances that his other relationships too have been overlapped in the same manner. They can also cheat on you.

  1. He makes you feel guilt

For all his mistakes and misfortunes, he makes you feel guilty. He is not the one you should date.


  1. He asks for your passwords

You should have privacy in your life. This shows that he does not trust you and imagine how he might be projecting you and your actions in his mind.

  1. He makes your fun during sex

If your partner shames you and makes you feel awkward naked, he is not worth doing the deed with.

  1. You have different financial values

We all have our own idea about money and how to handle it. There are couples who have different concepts about money but they find ways to compromise. But it is important to talk about it before your money pattern drives you apart.


  1. He does not make your relationship public

There are people who do not like flaunting their personal life on social media or talking about their feelings with their friends. But this is different than hiding your relationship.

  1. You have to reassure them constantly

We all have insecurities and that is nobody’s fault and no reassurance from anyone can help that insecurity. Do not let his insecurities dominate your relationship.

  1. They do not apologize

Better you leave him.


Source –  Tumblr

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