20 Signs He Is Definitely Cheating On You… Dump Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

Relationships are hard to understand. There is a need to put constant efforts from both side. And once a person fails to put in efforts your relationships starts to crumble down. We all wish not to face the horrible situation like cheating because it breaks a person within and it is hard to trust and love someone again. We become more conscious and it is hard for us to let our guards down. Do not let yourself be a victim of any such situation and understand the signs well in advance. Here are 20 signs he is definitely cheating on you and it is better you dump him.

  1. He uses his phone in privacy

There are times when we need privacy to make or take a phone call, but if your partner rushes to another room every time his phone rings, then he might be cheating on you.


  1. No text history to be found in his phone

People usually delete the texts only when their phone memory is full. But if your partner deletes all the text history as soon as the conversation ends, then there is a risk.

  1. He has multiple social accounts

When you are in a committed relationship, you do not have to hide about your social accounts, but if you discover any hidden or additional social media account of your man, then there is trouble.

  1. He suddenly spends more time with opposite sex

If all of a sudden he grows fond of some friend, colleague or co-worker or anyone of opposite sex and spends a lot of time with them then you need to confront him.

  1. Avoiding social gatherings

If your man avoids social gatherings, arrives late or leave early, then there are chances that he is devoting this time to someone else, either by phone or in person.


  1. He frequently helps someone else

Being kind is good, but if your partner is doing extravagant efforts to help someone and put efforts and times for someone, then it is a sign that he is emotionally invested with that person.

  1. Smell of different scent

You can easily sense the smell of your man and when it is different your senses will not lie. If he has some other scents on his body, there is something to doubt about.

  1. No more of touching

Arguments and lack of communication can sometimes lead to the lack of affection. But if he shrugs off your hand for odd excuses, then it is better to address the issue with your man.

  1. His dressing style has changed

If he has all of a sudden started grooming himself and is happier while leaving home, you need to know what is going on.

  1. He constantly pick fights

If he fights with you over the smallest of reason, then you need to worry about the possible odds.


  1. He is out for long

If he steps out for a walk and it takes him hours to be back, then you are possibly in for trouble.

  1. Change in emotional equation

You may notice the change in your partner’s attitude towards you. He might be less interested in you and more self-conscious. If he is being strangely odd then you need to be careful.

  1. He gets extremely angry

Your partner might have turned rude towards you or he might be impatient with you. He might be controlling and you feel he is unhappy with you for no reason. While there might be chances that he will shower more of love on you if he is cheating on you.

  1. He is defensive

If it was easy for you to discuss issues openly and calmly in past, and now he just gets defensive and aggressive, then you need to be careful.

  1. He pay attention to his appearance

If your partner was never so conscious about his appearance and has all of a sudden found interest in his appearance, then it could be because he found new love.


  1. He spends more time away from home

Your work nature can be demanding and hectic and this can even lead to romantic relationships because you spend so much time with your co-workers. If your partner spends more time in office, then you can be in problem.

  1. Change in behavior

There is a drastic change in his behavior like earlier he used to avoid office parties and now he never skips even a single one ‘for the sake of his career’. And any such changes can be dangerous for you.

  1. Change in attitude

Your partner used to be one lazy bug, but now he is over enthusiastic, alive, happy and more loving towards you. He will buy you gifts which he never did for you before.

  1. We want more of ‘me time’

When you are a couple, you negotiate about the ‘me time’ you both will have and how much of ‘we time’ you will spend. Now, you are noticing a shift from “we” to your partner wanting much more “me” time.

  1. He holds secrets

If your man has suddenly turned secretive and does not feel like telling you about his whereabouts or who he is talking with on call, then you need to be careful.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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