26 Cute Names To Save Your BF Name In Your Phone!

By- Shreya Sharma

Saving your boyfriend’s number in your phone with his name is quite boring. There should be one cute nickname for him that you would not use for him in front of his friends. Using it in front of his friends is like getting an eye roll from them and putting your man into embarrassment. But there is no harm in giving a cute name to your boyfriend; after all, this too is a way to show your love for him. Here are 26 cute names to save your BF name in your phone.

  1. Big Guy

You can use it because of his weight, height or any other feature; it will boost his ego.


  1. My one and only

This is the way to remind him that he is the only person you ever want to be with and you do not want anyone else.

  1. Rated R

If you and your man have naughty conversations most of the times, this is how to name your BF in your phone. Plus, people will not look at your texts and take it as a warning.

  1. My future

If you are in a serious relationship and are planning to get married soon, then this is for you.


  1. Trouble Maker

If he is the one causing troubles but you like him for that, then this is the perfect name.

  1. My smiley

He always makes you smile, so why not give him this cute name.

  1. Snuggle baby

If your guy loves cuddling up just as you do, then this is for him. He will wrap his big, strong arms around you and you will feel protected enough, not willing to move away.


  1. Soulmate

This is the best way to refer your man if he is your best friend and lover. You know you can share all your secrets and thoughts with him.

  1. Brown eyes

Name him on the basis of his eye color because you can see his love in his eyes.

  1. Loverboy

This is one sophisticated name. This is for those who have not lost sight of romance and still puts in his efforts to woo you with romantic dates, flowers, and chocolates.


  1. Stud

If you have one, you are lucky enough!

  1. Marshmallow

This is a squishy, soft, cuddly and sweet guy you love.

  1. Kissy face

If you cannot stop yourself from kissing him every now and then, then this is the best name for him.


  1. Darling

This is one traditional name that you can use even in public.

  1. Heartthrob

If you go crazy and mad every time you look at your man, then you have a name to call him.

  1. Lady killer

If your man is a player who decided to be with you and only you, then this is the best name for him.


  1. My world

If he is the most important part of your life, call him this way.

  1. Romeo

Quoting Shakespeare can never go wrong. Show the depth of your love by calling him your Romeo.

  1. Mine

He is, of course, yours, so why not give him this name and let the people around you know that he is off limit.


  1. My destiny

Isn’t he? Then why not call him like this.

  1. Always

If you are a fan of “The Fault in Our Stars” then you know why this is one adorable reference.

  1. Captain

He is the leader of your family and you know he will sail you safely through all the storms.


  1. Hot chocolate

If your guy can quickly send you to sleep and is rich, smooth and delicious in his efforts, then you have a name for him.

  1. Honey bear

This is a big, strong, cuddly guy, who loves sweet things.

  1. My angel

An angel looks over us, protect us and is good to us. This is like being in true love.

  1. Perfect

Not everyone is perfect, but still, for you he is perfect.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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