8 Gross Boundaries You Need To Cross To Be A Real Couple!

By- Shreya Sharma

When we just enter into a relationship, we are not our true self. We pretend to be someone who cannot be considered as a human being because human beings do poop and fart and burp. Slowly you become comfortable with each other and accept yourself and each other for the human being you are. And your level goes from being comfortable to being grossly comfortable. Here are 8 gross boundaries you need to cross to be a real couple.

  1. You burp and fart next to each other

You realize that burping and farting after sharing a full three-course meal with each other do not offend you both now. When you are together from a long time, you proudly display each other they ways you can burp.


  1. You groom each other

Earlier you might love each other the way they are, but now you know the gross bits about them. When you have been together for a long time, tweezing, squeezing, poking, picking, preening each other’s zits until you are not satisfied is a normal routine and no more gross.

  1. You sniff each other

Sniffing test is a normal activity in a long-term relationship. You do not mind sniffing your man’s hoodie that he wore to a party three days back or sniffing his armpits during lunch break. Sometimes, you need a second opinion to know if your body smells odd.

  1. You use bathroom at same time

If you live in together and have the single bathroom, you have found your way to deal with the situation when you both feel pressure. You have been together for so long, that you reach a point where you can simultaneously pee, brush your teeth and read the magazine, while the other one showers next to you. Sure you can politely wait for your turn, but since you have seen each other naked in a non-sexual manner, you have no time for politeness.


  1. You have deep discussions about bathroom experience

You know you are comfortable enough to discuss your poop stories and celebrate a poop well done. You know you can talk about not being able to take a satisfying dump and your partner will give you suggestions.

  1. You nurse them when they are sick

You nurse them when they have food poisoning. You spend the morning cleaning up their puke splashed on the walls and floor. You have been together for so long that neither of their bodily fluids grosses you out anymore. You know you both have each other whenever either one of you falls sick.

  1. You kiss each other even when you have morning breath

When you started dating, you would sneak to the washroom for gargle or to brush your teeth so that your man does not know about your morning breath. Now, you have grown comfortable enough that you not only do morning kiss; you do not mind morning sex as well. You are comfortable with each other’s body odor.


  1. You are not grossed by period sex

There are women who do not want to be touched down there during periods and then there are women who are horny all around that time. Finding a partner who’s down to get their hands dirty both literally and figuratively can be a bit of a challenge. Not having sex for a week is kinda cute at first, and the anticipation of finally getting back in the sack is exciting. Then eventually you get so sick of a dumb uterus determining when you can and can’t get it on, you end up just throwing a beach towel on the bed and going for it.

Source –  Tumblr

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