18 Adorable Things To Say To Your Man And Steal His Heart!

By- Shreya Sharma

Today is the age of modern technology where you text and email your man about your feelings. Though you can still opt for yesteryears techniques like whispering sweet-nothings in your man’s ear and love letters because they are still uber sweet, but texts are an easy way to communicate. So, here are 18 adorable things to say to your man and steal his heart.

  1. “I wish you were here with me right in this moment”

This way your man will know how much you miss him. This will make him feel wanted, but do not send this text every now and then.


  1. “I never believed that love can happen in a single moment, until the moment I fell in love with you”

This will talk about the deep feelings you have for your man.

  1. “Your eyes take me to the world where I want to reside”

As they say, eyes are the window to one’s soul. So, this delivers a deep meaning.

  1. “When you are around, I feel safe and protected”

Men, in general want to feel like a protector. This will work as a compliment to him; especially, if you have been hurt in a past relationship. it will warm his heart.


  1. “If I get to relive my life again, I would want to meet you years before”

This shows your deep feelings for him and how you just regret not meeting him before.

  1. “No one can understand me better than you”

Honest and open communication leads to a healthy relationship. Your man will feel great.

  1. “You can make me smile on the saddest of days”

A loving caring relationship is when you stick by each other through the ups and downs. This fact will make him feel good because he tries his best to keep you happy.


  1. “I enjoy your company more than anyone else”

When you move in your relationship, you start to prefer your man’s company over your friends. This shows that you enjoy being with him more than being with your friends.

  1. “I cannot imagine my life without you”

When your life merges in with your partner’s life, it is hard to imagine your life without them. This will make your man feel great.

  1. “My friends are jealous that I have you”

This is fun and sweet message that will show that he is desirable.


  1. “I am glad that you put up with me”

This shows that you know you are difficult to deal with, but you appreciate that he manages to bear all the sufferings.

  1. “My words are not enough to tell you about how much I love you”

This conveys that mere words cannot communicate your feelings to your man.

  1. “I was having a bad day, and your thought lit up my whole world”

Keep it genuine, and your man will love hearing it.


  1. “You are such a gentleman when you are with me”

It will let him know that you appreciate his chivalrous ways and you want him to keep it up.

  1. “You are so interesting. You know so much about everything”

He will feel respected and admired and boost his ego.

  1. “I have never met a guy who is so ambitious”

This will motivate your man more.


  1. “You are the most masculine guy I have ever met”

This is a way to appreciate your man’s masculinity. Guys like to feel masculine and manly.

  1. “I cannot wait to see you again”

This shows that you want to grow your relationship and want to spend more time with him.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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