What He Is Dying To Hear From You…. His Zodiac Says!

By- Shreya Sharma

Relationships are never easy. Sometimes we do not know what we want, and the other times when we know, that is not what our man wants. We wish we just know what to say to our man so that we can win their heart and sail the boat of our relationship happily. Your man’s zodiac can tell about what they really want to hear from you. Here is what he is dying to hear from you according to his zodiac.

  1. Aries

They know what they want and they will work on it until they get it. They are not afraid of hard work. He will go after the best and will not settle for less, so feel lucky if you are his partner. If you want someone else to make decisions for you, then you are in for the right match. Tell him “We can do the things your way” and he will be happy.


  1. Taurus

They are shy and it is hard for them to meet new people. They might seem rough, but they are soft and sensitive inside. He will not show you his feelings until he is sure that you are as loyal to him as he is. Tell him “I am committed to you” and he will open up to you completely.

  1. Gemini

They are more of logical and less of emotional. Their mind allows them to see both logical and emotional sides. They are great with words and if you are in for the argument, they will stay in it. They do not like mundane and routine things. Surprise your man with spontaneity. Tell him “Let’s mix things up” and this will keep things sane.

  1. Cancer

They are dependable, capable and willing to help. They are ready to be the knight in the shining armor for the damsel in distress. He will look for a woman who is intelligent and beautiful. He wants to feel important and needed. Tell your man that “I need you” and he will be loyal to you.


  1. Leo

They need constant attention. He is confident and wants to be with someone who will listen to them. We want to be with those he loves. They live in the moment and crave to live their life to the fullest. Tell your man “I am here in the moment with you”.

  1. Virgo

They are always cautious before tackling any problem. Before making any decision, he ensures that he is right. He is a perfectionist and someone who is more than what meet the eyes. He is a protector, savior and comforter. Tell him “Save me and I am yours” and he will be great listener to you and a perfect shoulder to cry on.

  1. Libra

They strive for equilibrium. They will do their best to avoid conflict and keep things calm in your relationship. They love the balance in their life and they want their partner to provide that balance to them. He does not want the other person to be dependent on him. Tell him “We are a team” to fill the missing puzzle pieces.


  1. Scorpio

They are intense, passionate and fearless. He will never accept ‘no’ as an answer. He wants a strong and powerful woman as his partner. He does not mind if you earn more than him, your achievements will excite him. Tell him “I will be your queen and you will be my king” to show him that you are a power couple.

  1. Sagittarius

He is his own boss, he has his own rules and schedules. He craves for freedom. They do not want to work under someone. Once he is done with adventure, he will realize that something is missing in his life and that is about having a great woman. Tell him “Let’s share adventures together” and you will have a blast together.

  1. Capricorn

He’s a careful planner, good with money, and a devoted friend. He can seem emotionally detached, but this is only because he’s a serious person. He demands loyalty in the relationship. Tell him “I am in this for long haul” and he will open up with you.


  1. Aquarius

Aquarius man wants to try new things. He shows affection easily which makes it easy for you to think that his feelings are stronger for you than they actually are. He is exciting and intense but lacks communication skills. This is why he is often misunderstood and thus with draw. Give your man some space and say “I want you to feel free” and he will know that you care for him.

  1. Pisces

They are emotional and compassionate. They judge themselves hardly if something goes wrong. Show him that he can rely on you and tell him “I will catch you if you fall”. Show him your pure love.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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