8 Reasons Talking Dirty Can Be Good For Your Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Communication is the key for a healthy relationship and so if for your sex life. You need to be vocal in bed to guide your man and tell him what you want to him to do you or to show your pleasure your man is making you feel or just to turn him on. You can spice up the things by dirty talking during sex or foreplay and you should definitely give it a try. It is not that scary an experience and once you get started you will just love the outcome. Here are 8 reasons talking dirty can be good for your relationship.

  1. It leads to better sex

Talk honestly and openly about what you want from each sexual encounter of yours and this is bound to make your sex life better. Once you start communicating, it will make things easy and neither you nor your partner will have to figure out what that moan or expression meant and what you should do to please your partner.

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  1. You will be surprised

It will help you push to do things that you have never done and you might realize that you just wanted this. Talk graphically to tell your man what you want him to do to you or what you will do to him and it will change things for better.

  1. It makes you creative

Just letting your partner know that you are about to come is not enough. Let loose and reveal all that comes to your mind during sex. Come up with creative ways to add more spice to your sex life like a quickie in lift. Build up your own scenarios and stories and work on them to get them real.

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  1. You will learn what you are comfortable with

Talking dirty can be tricky plus you may not feeling comfortable making yourself vulnerable by being vocal or using words like “pussy” or “cock”. There is a difference between how you see the words outside bedroom and inside bedroom. It is not wrong to be turned on by the word slut inside bedroom however offensive you may find it outside. It can be challenging for you but you will learn the terms you are comfortable with.

  1. It is fun and funny

You do not need to be completely serious while talking dirty. Sex is fun and funny. Just loosen up and relax and laugh and you will have a great time in bed.

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  1. You will surprise your partner

If your long time relationship is getting boring, you can spice it up in many ways same is with your sex life. If it has turned all vanilla then you can add dirty talking to freshen it up. The dirty things you have been thinking will surprise your man when you say them loud. Whisper in your partner’s ear making your lips brush off his earlobe. And from there either of you can continue or take over.

  1. It is awesome foreplay

Foreplay is important before sex especially for woman because it takes them time to get aroused as compared to man. Dirty talking is as important as physical foreplay. If you have time, then just do it. Set your time of 20 minutes of talking dirty even before you remove clothes or touch each other and it will work like magic.


  1. Your partner will know what to do

Your man cannot read your mind or understand your clues. You need to vocalize what you like, what you want, what needs more work. Your partner will then know what to do and will channelize his energies in a way that will be beneficial for you both. Just start with telling wat you want and then you will just know how to swim in the pool of dirty talking!

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