16 Surprising Things You Notice When You Have Sex The First Time!

By- Shreya Sharma

First time of everything is surprising and so is your sexual experience. You might have tried to prepare yourself for the things to happen, but nothing comes handy because what happens then is pure natural. Your actions will not go as planned, they will go with the flow and you will be surprised to notice some random things when you have sex the first time. Here are 16 surprising things you notice when you have sex the first time.

  1. How bright is the moonlight?

You have turned off all the lights, yet you feel everything is so bright and visible, thanks to the gleaming moonlight which was never such bright.


  1. You can feel every single hair on your body

Is it too cold? Oh no, goosebumps? Pleasure?

  1. How difficult is it to open condom wrappers?

Why is this taking so much of time?

  1. The noise of mattress

Why is the hell this mattress making such loud noises?


  1. The different stages of your partner being turned on

For you, it was just being turned on and not turned on and nothing in between.

  1. The cold condom

Why is this not warm?

  1. And the cold lube

Why is everything so cold?


  1. Your heart beating like crazy

I do not want a heart attack while being turned on. Please.

  1. The burning pain in your thighs

I should have stretched before turning up.

  1. And the sound of clock

Why are you so loud clock? Since when did you start making such loud noises?


  1. His ribs on mine

Is this going to crack my ribs? Do I like it?

  1. How cold and uncomfortable it is down there

Please pass me the sheet.

  1. How hot some body parts are

Oh, my feet are sweating, and my lower back, I need to wipe on the sheet ASAP.


  1. Your man’s lower eyelashes

Isn’t this super cute! Why am I so late to notice this wonder?

  1. The mark on the wall

What is that mark? Why am I noticing this?

  1. The urgent need to use the loo

Oh shit, I have to pee


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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