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How To Get Your Guy To Care About Your Feelings!

By- Shreya Sharma

To have a happy and blissful relationship, it is important for a guy to care about your relationships. You can be happy in your relationship if your man is a wonderful person and you know the best way to communicate your feelings to him in a way that he hears out. Here are 7 ways to get your guy to care about your feelings.

  1. Express your feelings simply

It is better to tell your man about how you feel and how you feel in a straight manner rather than throwing words at him to decipher your feelings. He will appreciate that you do not expect him to guess about your feelings and problem. He might even apologize for the things he has done that offended you.


  1. Talk in a soft tone

When you speak in an angry and argumentative tone, your guy will not care about your feelings. It will shut him down and he will try to ignore you. Even when you are angry, speak in a softer tone and he will sure listen to you and care about your feelings.

  1. Do not get sarcastic

While trying to express your feelings to a guy, leave sarcasm out of it. Sarcasm will make him care less about your feelings. Though it is tempting to use sarcasm, but it will not take you anywhere.

  1. Express your hurt, not anger

Your man might have cancelled your date at the last moment, you might be angry, but expressing your anger will not take you anywhere as compared to expressing that you are hurt. Try to express your hurt feeling rather than anger.


  1. Give him time to think about it

Men are not as good at dealing with feelings as we are, so they need some time to process what you have said to him. If your guy needs some time to think about what you have said, then accept it. If you give him time, he will come back to you and care more about your feelings.

  1. Do not drop the issue

Tell your man that you are hurt and if asks for some time, accept that, but after he has had his time to think about the issue, talk with him to deal with it. Let your man know that your feelings are important you and they will become important to him as well. If he seems to brush your feelings away, tell him that you are still upset over the issue.

  1. Be forgiving

If you won’t forgive your partner or will not ask for forgiveness from your partner when you are wrong, do not expect him to care about your feelings. Holding on to grudges can destroy your relationship, it is better to forgive and ask for forgiveness when you are wrong.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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