21 Tips To Make Your ‘Long-Distance-Relationship’ Work!

By- Shreya Sharma

Long-distance relationships are always in question, and most of us doubt its stability. It is never easy because there would be times when you will feel sad and lonely and things will get complicated. You might miss your partner’s physical presence, but when they are with you know how small gestures like holding hands, eating together, smiling together or feeling each other’s touch seems no less than a miracle. To make your long distance relationship strong, here are 21 tips.

  1. Say no to excessive communication

Do not act like a clingy possessive girlfriend because it is not necessary that you communicate for all the time you both are awake. This can make things worse because you will be tired of all this. Look for the right moments; else you will be exhausting yourself.


  1. It is an opportunity for you

Take it as a learning journey or a test for your love. Rather than thinking that it will pull you apart, think of it as an experience that will bind you both closer and stronger.

  1. Have some rules

You both need to be clear about your expectations from the relationship. Have some rules to follow so that none of you is taken aback by other person’s actions or decisions. It is better that you talk about your commitment level.

  1. Have regular and creative communication

“Good morning” and “Goodnight” are a must every day. Talk about your life and the things happening. You can even send pictures, voice notes, and short videos from time to time. This will make you both feel loved.


  1. Dirty conversations

Sexual tension is what keeps two people close and restricts them from being apart. Sex is a biological and emotional need. Send each other flirty and dirty texts and some provocative descriptions.

  1. Avoid certain situations

If you know going out late at night with your friends will not be appreciated by your partner, then either you do not go or tell him everything in advance so that he feels reassured. Be very careful, else your partner will be worried, suspicious and upset because he will feel powerless.

  1. Do activities together

There are so many online games you can play together. Or watch any movie on YouTube. Sing together on Skype calls. Video call and take a walk together. Be creative and spontaneous.


  1. Share activities

Recommend each other books, TV shows, music, movies etc. When you share activities, you have more topics to talk about. And you will end up having some shared experience even when you are away from each other.

  1. Have a goal

After a while, we all need to settle down. So, ask yourself regarding your future, how long you want to be in the long distance relationship etc. Make a plan together and decide the end goal. It is important to be on the same page and having same goals so that you can work in the same direction.

  1. Visit each other

Visits are so special in long distance relationship because after a long wait, you actually get to kiss each other, hold hands and do every other activity that every normal couple does. You will feel the firework and butterflies everywhere.


  1. Know about each other’s schedule

This will help you know when your partner is busy and when he is free. This way you can plan your calls or texts on the right time. You will also not be disturbing your partner. Know about small and big events taking place in each other’s life.

  1. Know about each other’s social media activities

Like each other’s post. Tag each other. Tweet each other. Share things on each other’s walls. This kind of stalking can work for your relationship.

  1. Be honest

Talk about your feelings, your fears, jealousy, insecurity or whatever feeling it is. Do not hide things from your partner as it will damage your relationship. Be honest and open with each other. Support each other. Handle the problem as it appears.


  1. Gift something personal

We often associate everything with some meaning knowing or unknowingly. We store our memory in physical things so that we can remember that easily. Send something personal like a mug or bottle of fragrance or anything so that your partner can hold onto that.

  1. A good messaging app

You need to have a good messaging app that allows you to have interaction with more than just words. Texting is the major way you communicate, so get a good app for your phone.

  1. Enjoy your time with yourself and your people

Do not revolve your world around your partner. You have your friends, family and yourself. Spend time with your family, friends and some time alone. Hit the gym. Enroll yourself in some classes. There are so many things you can do without your partner.


  1. Mails

Mail each other handwritten love letters. Send each other gift. Deliver cake and flowers on occasions. Shop online for each other.

  1. Be positive

It can be painful and you might feel lonely, but you need to stay positive because at the end you will get what you want. Be thankful that you have someone who loves you. Be thankful for each other’s health and safety.

  1. Update about each other’s friends and family

Gossips can make you communicate for the longest.


  1. Make video calls

It feels bright and beautiful when you get so see and hear each other.

  1. Have nicknames for each other

It is cute and keep things lovey-dovey.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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