14 Signs He Really Does Miss You When He Says I-MISS-YOU!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is hard to know if a guy really misses us when he says ‘I miss you’ or is it just for the sake of saying it. We all have been guilty of using this phrase randomly even without meaning it at times. It is important to know that when a guy says ‘I miss you’ if he really means it or is it his way to falling into his trap. It sure feels nice to hear it, but you do not wish to end up being heart broken. Here are 14 signs he really does miss you when he says ‘I Miss You’.

  1. He does not overdo it

When the guy misses you genuinely, he is not going to tell you that he miss you constantly. Missing someone is an emotional feeling. If it is genuine, they are not going to lower their feelings by constantly bragging about them.


  1. He is in constant contact with you

If he texts you even when you two do not have anything to talk about, then it is because he misses you and wants to keep the conversation going. He will try his best to keep the conversation going.

  1. Skype and Facetime

If he Skype or Facetime you, he wants to see you. You can text or voice messages him but he will still want to video call to see you. He loves your face and misses your eyes, small and laughs.

  1. He gets angry suddenly

He all of a sudden gets angry and annoyed at you for a reason that you have no clue of. There is a reason for this, it could be that he wants to be next to you right now, or he cannot control his feeling for you or he just misses you.


  1. He is in your social media

He likes your status and pictures you post and you know he sees your Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp stories. He follows you on social media to know what you are doing and this shows that he misses you.

  1. He plans to meet you

If he wants to see you and plans to see you, then it means he misses you. If he says he misses you and plans and tries to meet you, then he is genuine with his emotions.

  1. He may become your home buddy

When we are upset, we usually do not wish to go out and socialize. We prefer staying at home but if you notice that he too do not go out and prefers to spend time with you at home, then this is because he misses you.


  1. He asks for your picture

He does not ask you nudes, but he asks you for the pictures when you just wake up or are having breakfast. He wants to see the natural you as it ignites his imagination and he thinks how the life will be when you will be with him.

  1. He plans to see you

Saying that he wants to meet you is sweet, but if he actually books his tickets to be with you, then this shows he genuinely misses you. There are guys who just talk about it, and then there are guys who actually do it.

  1. He is jealous

If you post a picture with a guy and he likes it, the chances are that he liked it not because you look hot, but out of jealousy. He does not want you to be with other guys and flirts with them. He wants you for him only.


  1. Drunk dial

If he is drunk and he texts or calls you saying ‘I miss you’ or ‘I love you’ then probably it is true. Usually, when people are drunk they say what they genuinely want.

  1. Goes down the memory lane

Maybe he is posting the songs you two used to listen or liking some old picture. If he is going down the memory lane, then it is because he is missing you. Nobody wants to see those old odd pictures except for the time when you miss someone.

  1. He asks about your personal life

He will casually ask you about your personal life like if you are dating someone. If he would not have cared, he would not have ever asked you. But he wants to know your situation, see if there’s an opportunity for him to slip back into your life.

  1. He is excited when he sees you

He is overjoyed and ecstatic when he sees you after a long time. This is because he misses you and when he sees you, every emotion and memory comes back to his mind. He missed you and thus he cannot stop smiling and looking at you.


Source –  Tumblr

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