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17 Little Magical Words That You Should Use In Your Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Having respect for one another is important in any relationship. If you respect each other, there are more chances of your relationship lasting more, but if do not then you are going to have plenty of problems and issues. Sometimes, even small words can work wonders in your relationship to make it healthy and strong. Here are 17 small magical words that you should use in your relationship.

  1. Please

Whenever you ask for some favor from him, make sure to say ‘please’. It is easy to take people for granted when we get used of them doing favors for us.


  1. Thanks

Whenever he does nice things for you or put in the smallest of efforts in order to help you or please you, thank him for showing that you appreciate his efforts.

  1. Appreciation

If he does a favor for you or help you in any manner, tell him that you appreciate him. He will feel that you want him.

  1. I Love You

Your man might know that you love him, but that does not mean you should stop saying those three magical words. Tell him about your feelings as often as possible.


  1. Feel

If you are angry with him, do not tell him about stupid his act was. Instead, say that you ‘feel’ bad about the way he handled the situation. It will not seem harsh to him.

  1. Forgive

If he apologizes to you for his mistakes, let him know that you forgive him. Otherwise, he will be in that zone for days to come.

  1. Sorry

Do not assume that your guy knows that you are sorry. Say sorry to him whenever you are wrong.


  1. Replace ‘I’ with ‘We’

Start to think of yourselves as a team to have a healthy and long relationship.

  1. Lucky

After some time, people often start taking their relationship for granted. Remember how lucky you are to have him in your life. Let your man know you feel that way.

  1. Happy

Tell your man that you are happy, instead of letting him guess how you are feeling.


  1. His name

Man love to hear their name, especially when you say it. Use his name in everyday conversation

  1. Understand

When your partner is explaining to you about why he is upset with you, instead of arguing, listen to his side of the story and tell him that you understand. And after that, you can make your argument.

  1. Miss

Whenever you miss him, tell him. Text him or call him and see how it puts him in a better mood because it will make him feel wanted.


  1. Respect

Tell him that you respect his opinion, even if you do not agree with it. It can have a major impact on his mood.

  1. Help

Ask him if he needs any help, even if you are tired or in no mood to lend help.

  1. Support

Tell your man that you support his decisions. It feels good to know that someone is on your side.

  1. Together

You sure have individual life, but you are a team as well. Remember that you are together when it comes to making major decisions or in any other situation.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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