How To Become A Good Kisser – 12 Foolproof Kissing Tips!

By- Shreya Sharma

A kiss can make or break your intimacy level of relationship. Remember Anushka Sharma asking Ranbir Kapoor in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil that “ye Ummh Ummh kya hota hai?” for his awkward style of kissing and deciding to keep their act short. Sure you do not want your partner to feel the same when you kiss him. Imagine a perfect night can be spoiled with just one odd kiss and you certainly do not want this, so up your kissing game with these foolproof tips.

Here are 12 foolproof kissing tips to become a good kisser.

  1. You are Important

Yes, you play an important role in having a sexy kiss. Be prepared for this moment both emotionally and physically. Check your breath, check your teeth, put on lip balm and sip water to make your lips feel hydrated.

  1. The Atmosphere

Privacy, quiet environment and comfortable setup are enough to set the mood right. It can be your living room, bed room, park or any other place. It is important that the settings feel right.

  1. The Feelings

There should be sense of security between you and your partner. There should like enough to make the kiss wonderful. The feeling you both share is important to have a perfect kiss.

  1. The Moment

For a sexy kiss, the moment matters a lot. You cannot kiss a person out of blue. To have the perfect kiss, the moment needs to be intense enough.

  1. The Look

Stand still and look into each other’s eyes. Appreciate the moment and show your intensity in that gaze.  

  1. The Statement

Make sure you and your partner are on the same page and level otherwise whatever you do and say may be mistaken. You can use statements like “You are amazing” and believe them so that your partner can sense that honesty.

  1. The Touch

Once there is the feeling of attachment, you can show this through touch. For a sexy kiss touch your partner on some common places like hands (holding them to establish comfort while looking at them), arms (hold them to make feel secure while saying the statement) and face (gently touch or hold their face before kissing).

  1. The Wait

There should be some wait to build anticipation. Your partner should understand that you are going to kiss him. It adds the excitement.

  1. The Kiss

Slowly lean into your partner and place your lips onto his. Start without pressure and then build it up by gently pressing. It needs to be sweet and sensual.

  1. The Rhythm

Stay in the kiss mode for few seconds before moving to the next level. Kiss your partner’s lips the way you will eat ice cream with your mouth. Moderate your speed and let it not be too fast or too slow.

  1. The Tongue

Lightly run your tongue on your partner’s lower lip twice, once after you start kissing and again before you stop.

  1. The END!

Put a bit more pain-free pressure. Slightly suck on your partner’s lower lip and then gradually move away.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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