8 Man-Things You Need To Learn!

By- Shreya Sharma

The society has typecast gender roles so deep within, that even the core-feminists fall into its trap sometimes. Of course, you cannot learn everything but being comfortable with the idea that guys should handle the “guy’s stuff” is not cool at all. You should not be dependent so much on your man to fix things in house when you know you too can fix them with a little help. Thinking that doing man-thing will put them or is un-feminine is a crap idea. Learning to do “man-things” will help you save money in long run and you will feel more confident about yourself. Here are 8 man-things you need to learn.

  1. Approaching someone

We know that being in 21st century; it is no more a guy’s job only to approach a girl or ask her out, even girls can do it. But the question is how comfortable you are taking the lead? Some may say that it hurts a man’s ego if they are not allowed to pursue you, but it is all shit. Approach the one you like and ask them out.


  1. Tying a tie

Who said girls cannot wear tie? Though that is majorly considered to be a man’s piece of clothing but hey!! You too can wear that and it makes you look real hot. Even if you do not wear tie, you should learn how to do it. All depends on how you wear it and you can nail the tie look more brilliantly than a man. Just learn to do it.

  1. Unclog toilet and sinks

You must know the tricks with plunger to unclog the messy toilet and sinks. It is gross but it is still better than asking your crush or your man to slosh around your poop and fix it. Nobody likes doing it. Learn to fix it.

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  1. Killing bugs and insects

Bugs and insects can scare the hell out of both guys and girls, but guys are taught to hold their fear within and deal with the bugs. Guys will not be around you always and you may face a bug anywhere, so it is better you learn on your own to get them out of your house in an effective way.

  1. Using power tools

Not everyone will be willing to help you teach how to use these things. This is something you should learn sooner. This way you will not have to depend on others to mend the things that are broken. Learn some basic tools for your help.


  1. Lit a fire

You may not always be on campaigning but still you must know how to start a fire instead of leaving it on guys. You should know how to start it, keep it going and if there is no lighter how to work on it. You never know when it will come handy.

  1. Act like your opinion is important

We are told often when we present our opinion to stay quiet or being tagged as annoying. Guys are supported to voice their opinion while a girl keeps on thinking should I say this or not? Maybe some other time! Putting you point is a sign of dominance and confidence and these are considered to be masculine traits. We should learn to speak freely and our thoughts too should be valued.


  1. Basic car repair

You should not just learn how to change the tire, but also learn how to jump start a car, how to refill your coolant, change your own oil, refill the air in your tires, or change a headlight. It can help you save money and instead of panic calling any guy, you can do it on your own and save your time

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