7 Cute Things Every Couple Should Do Together!

By- Shreya Sharma

As a couple to last your relationship forever, it is necessary to keep the spark alive. It is not that tough to keep the spark alive and get things right, all you need is just to put little efforts for the sake of “us” that you both are. Doing things for each other only makes your special one feel out-of-the-world. These things makes you become closer to each other. You have that giddy feeling when you do something to make him feel special. Here are the cute things every couple should do together.

  1. Have some Adventure!

Have a random trip over weekend for some crazy adventurous trip. Go for river rafting, trekking, hiking or any adventure sport which will add some spark to your life and make you happy together. These adventurous trips gives you head-rush and adrenaline rush and makes you both excited.

  1. Sticky-LOVE Notes!!

Leave notes for one another displaying your love and affection. Stick the notes where ever you feel the other person will be least expecting it, and do not forget to write your feelings on it like “I love the smile which you have while reading this note.”

  1. Have a sloshed night

Step out or stay at home but have a crazy drunk night where you can cry or dance your heart out and can also have one steamy drunk make out session. Every other feelings comes out when you’re drunk. Play “Never-Have-I-Ever” with him to get some secrets out *wink*.

  1. No-Phone-Hour!

Make it a rule to spend an hour away from your phone and close to one another daily. Spend that time talking about how your day was and what are your plans. Or just cuddle and relax. This will bring you close emotionally and physically.

  1. Cook together

Team work will bring you together and what a better place than kitchen to do a task together and get a bit naughty. Follow instructions for the recipe, divide the task, get all the way naughty and break the boring routine. Feed each other after cooking together.

  1. Surprise!!

Plan little surprises for one another to make your partner feel special!! Bring his favorite Xbox game, some beer and pizzas and play with him. Plan a surprise massage for him.

  1. Breakfast in bed

Make it a rule to alternatively prepare the breakfast on a Sunday morning and have it in bed, together. He’ll love you for making his breakfast. Start those lazy mornings with each other.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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