18 Signs That You Are Over Your EX For Good!

By- Shreya Sharma

Breakups are hard and dealing with it is the hardest. You have flashbacks of all the happy times you had with him because your mind is too good to trick you with happy memories, making it even hard to get over things. It takes some time to process your emotions and get back to the feeling of yourself when it was all about you. With pain eventually comes joy; the joy of getting over with things and feeling strong. Here are 18 signs that you are over your ex for good.

  1. No more crying

When you breakup, you are sad and want to cry a lot to sort out your feelings. Sulking and crying is a normal way to get over your relationship. Crying constantly helps you get over him. And now you are done with crying.


  1. You do not stalk him on social media

After the breakup, it is normal to have the temptation to stalk your ex on social media to know what he is doing and who he is seeing. But as you being to move on, you will be stalking less and eventually you will realize that you have not stalked him since forever.

  1. You have learnt some lessons

Everything in our life teaches us something. When you go through your breakup, you are in so much pain that it is hard for you to look for those reasons. But when you start moving on, you see things differently and then you understand the lessons, be it knowing someone first or to adjust your standards.

  1. You now care about how you look

After the breakup, you usually do not care about how you look and you might be wearing sweatpants and old t-shirts because now you have no one to impress. But when you start dressing up again and make an effort with your appearance that is when you are moving on.


  1. You realize that not all men are bad

When you breakup, you feel that all men are bad and you will not be dating anyone anymore. But when you start moving on, you realize not all men are the same and you open up to the possibility of meeting someone again.

  1. You are over the hard feelings of breakup

Breakups are hard, and when you move on, you are over all the hard feelings you once had. You do not hold any negative or hard feeling for your ex and you let go.

  1. You realize that breakups are not that bad

When we go through a breakup, we feel devastated as if this is the end of the world. But as the time passes, you will begin to realize that your breakup was a blessing in disguise and it is actually one good thing.


  1. You are not lonely now

Now you are not afraid of coming home alone or having no partner to cuddle up with. You like being single now.

  1. Photos do not bother you now

Now, the photos of you and your ex together do not bother you. He is no more the love of your life.

  1. You are no more jealous of couples

After the breakup, every couple reminds you of how you and your ‘ex’ used to be. But now you can look at the couples without feeling jealous or the need to cry.


  1. You are happy for him

You are genuinely happy for him when you get to know that he has someone in his life.

  1. No feeling of hurt

Your breakup does not hurt you anymore. Your mind has moved on from heartbreak.

  1. You do not hope to be back together

You do not even fantasize about your reunion or getting back together.


  1. He is not in your thoughts

He is no longer the constant thought in your mind.

  1. You can now think about the happy memories

You can now look at the happy times you had together without even getting sad about why things ended.

  1. No more of waiting

You do not wait for his texts now because they are of no serious importance to you.


  1. You embrace sadness

You realize that it is okay to be sad sometimes as it is a part of healing process.

  1. You can focus on your work

Your focus on work has begun to improve probably because you have moved on.


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