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These 7 Things Do Not Make Your *Boyfriend* Any Special!

By- Shreya Sharma

These days people are bragging over their boyfriend for the things that are too basic, or that are actually what is demanded out of a relationship. It is acceptable if you appreciate your man for doing some heroic stuff or for not being a ‘manly’ man, but how can people brag about how his boyfriend does not have any other girl in his life? Do you really have such low standards? You need to find better things to be proud of your boyfriend and raise your standard. Here are 7 things about your boyfriend that do not make him special.

  1. If he is not cheating on you

Men are not born cheater that is just an excuse. You should have someone in your life who should respect you enough to not break your trust by cheating on you. He is not doing anything special; this is something that is expected out of him.


  1. If he is not jealous

True, there are guys who are jealous AF, but this does not make your boyfriend special if he does not accuse you of cheating with every guy you talk to. Set your standards higher. Your man should trust you enough to not accuse you.

  1. If he is nice to you

We are so used to seeing the toxic relationship, that when our man is nice to us, we brag about it. You need not brag about your boyfriend for being nice with you; this is something he should do anyway.

  1. If he takes you out on date

Sure, you will feel pampered if your man takes you out on a date, but there are so many girls who praise their boyfriend for grabbing them some food. It is great that you share meal and bond together, but this does not make him special if he spends quality time with you. That is something that you should expect from him.


  1. If he posts pictures with you on social media

Okay, you might think that he claims you over social media. But does your man start to glow when you post a picture with him on social media? The answer is no, so what is the big deal if he posts one picture with you. The first time excitement is fine, but every time? Why?

  1. If he allows you to hang out with your friends

Your boyfriend should understand enough to know that you too have a social life that does not always include him. These boundaries are not acceptable; you and your boyfriend are equals after all.  Your man is not doing you a favor by allowing you to hang out with your friends without blowing off your phone.

  1. If he allows you to wear what you want

There are so many guys who are so possessive about their girlfriend that they restrict them from wearing certain clothes. You both are not obliged to like every single thing your partner wears, but the idea that your boyfriend is great because he doesn’t demand that you change before leaving the house does not make him a hero.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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