9 Different types of texters! How many do you know?

We all use mobile phones nowadays to text, more then we use it for calls. Since the time of smartphones had begun people have started to text each other rather than calling each other and talking. Based on this new habit of people you can really categorise them. Following are some of the categorization of different types of texters.

  1. The person who texts too many on a row

There are people who want to text too many things in a row and that too on different topics, and the worst part is that you forgot the track of emotion you are supposed to show to all of them. There is usually a lot of confusion when you chat with such people over the text.


  1. The people who start an interesting topic and then vanish

There are such people who tend to start a topic with an interesting tone and when you are wanting to know the rest of it, they just vanish, for hours sometimes.


  1. The person who uses emoji’s instead of words to express

Since the emoji are out in the market there are people who are completely obsessed with it. It like they have abandoned words at all, they use emoji’s to express themselves every time.


  1. People with too many abbreviations

This is another category of people and are kind of rising in numbers in the texting world. These people want to shorten the already existing short words. For instance, work becomes wrk, hard becomes hrd, good becomes gd, and ok becomes just k.


  1. Essay writers

There are some people who want to stretch everything they say to the minute detail. Even while texting, they are going to express everything and that too in a single text. Nothing is brief and short for them.


  1. One who always makes mistakes while typing

Few people type in a way like they are in a hurry all the time. They make several mistakes in a single message and others are supposed to make out what that person is intending to say.


  1. The person who stops texting or replying for weeks

Now this is a special form in the category. These types of people will suddenly vanish while texting you and will not return or text you back for days, sometimes for weeks. Then when they actually do they are going to pretend like nothing ever happened.


  1. The non-texter

There are people who will never reply you back. They will read your message but will never reply as if they are completely trying to ignore you.


  1. The plan-making texter

If you have a group on any social media platform you will always find that one person who tries to convince everyone else for one plan or the other. They come up with different kinds of plans for a hangout or a party every time.


Well these are the types of texters you would find in today’s digital world, you can now find out how many of them you have ever seen in your life.

Skadoosh guys!

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