11 Struggles Girls With Greasy Hair Will Understand!

By- Shreya Sharma

We hate those bad hair days, when our hair has all that oil, grease, dirt and filth. We neither feel like touching them nor want others to touch them. We want to hide our hair with some scarf or simply by hiding ourselves. Here are struggles girls with greasy hair will understand.

  1. Your friends says that you need to wash your hair and you are like “I did this morning”.


  1. Forget about headbands, due to constant slip-and-slide hair, they won’t stay in place to save your hair style.


  1. Whenever you try to curl your hair, the curls fall out less than an hour later.


  1. Adding any type of hair products such as gel or hair spray will just weigh down your hair even further and make it look slicker.


  1. You are constantly scared that people are making judgment about your hygiene based on your greasy hair and you are like “I swear I am not dirty, I shower every day”


  1. Your mom acts like it’s your haircut or that you do not style it and you are like it is just greasy scalp.


  1. Just touching your hair turns it into a greasy mess and you are like what is wrong with my fingers.


  1. Your scalp becomes itchy and you do not want to itch because you do not want anyone to think you have lice or anything.


  1. You buy every kind of dry shampoo.


  1. You shower in the morning and blow dry glorious volume into your hair, but by the time of lunch, your hair is limp with grease.


  1. You know you should not wash your hair too often but thanks to your greasy hair, you are left with no option.


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