7 Night Time Beauty Routine You Should Start In Your 20’s!

By- Shreya Sharma

Our 20’s is the most important phase of our life as we face challenges related to our personal life, professional life and everything around. In this challenges filled phase, it is difficult to get some “me time” to pamper yourself and your skin. The recommended 8 hour sleep is essential night beauty regime. Here are some other night time beauty routines you should start in your 20’s.

  1. Do not sleep in makeup

Sleeping with makeup on clogs up your pores and you could wake up with all kind of oil and dirt on your face. Keep your skin care wipes on your bed side.

  1. Pillow cover

Try to change your pillow cover maximum within a week as when you sleep, your skin sheds the dead cells away which collect up on your pillow. The residue on pillow has bacteria which can harm your skin. It is better to use silk pillow case as it is beneficial for your skin and hair.

  1. Drink water

Drink sufficient amount of water before going to sleep as it hydrates your skin. It will make your skin healthy, glowing and flawless. Keep a chilled water bottle by your bed side to avoid searching for water in sleep.

  1. Meditate

One should make it a routine to meditate before going to bed as it calms you down. Your stressed nerves are relaxed. This will help you have a sound sleep which will result in healthy skin.

  1. Use Eye cream

It moisturizes and hydrates your skin and your under eyes which will make your skin appear even more beautiful and is one beauty secret that you should never let go off.

  1. Tie your hair

If you have not washed your hair in recent, your hair turns out to be dirty and greasy which will transfer on the pillow you are sleeping on and consequently to your face. These greasy-dirty hairs falling on your face and pillow can hamper your skin and result in acne. So it is better to tie your hair before going to bed.

  1. Apply a face serum/moisturizer

A face serum/moisturizer applied before sleeping can help reverse the signs of skin damage and make your skin firmer and more youth -full.

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